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Filling stations

Gazprom Neft has an extensive network of 1,670 filling stations Opens in new window in Russia, the CIS and Europe. The filling station network has expanded by 4.6% since 2010 due to the partial completion of upgrades to filling stations in Russia, the CIS and Europe, as well as the acquisition of 113 filling stations in the Russian Federation.

The extensive geographical reach of its filling station network and the advantageous location of the Omsk, Moscow and Yaroslavl oil refineries enable Gazprom Neft to maintain leading positions in the wholesale and retail markets of Western Siberia and the central part of Russia.

The sale of oil products through the Company's filling stations in Russia increased by 40% to 4.9 million tonnes in 2011. The average volume of oil product sales per filling station increased 40% to 14.2 tonnes a day.

Numbers of filling stations in operation, sales growth per station

In 2011, Gazprom Neft put its G-Drive branded fuel on the market. G-Drive took a 20% share of total Ai-95 petrol sales at filling stations offering branded fuel in 2011.

The Company's filling station rebranding project has entered its final phase. A total of 290 filling stations in Russia and the CIS were modernised in 2011. Since the start of a large-scale project to rebrand Gazprom Neft's chain of filling stations began in 2009, 507 filling stations have been rebranded, 163 have been upgraded and 57 new stations have been built. As well as a design refresh, new filling stations offer an expanded selection of services, and new nationwide customer loyalty programmes. According to a survey by the Romir research group, the Gazprom Neft chain of filling stations was one of the three best-known brands in Russia's retail fuel sector in 2011.

Gazprom Neft operates a corporate cashless payment system (CCPS) at its filling stations for its business customers. The system allows corporate customers to use Gazprom Neft fuel cards at all of the Company's filling stations. The CCPS system enables customers to record their spending and the amount of oil products purchased, set fuel consumption limits, and register the time and place where a vehicle is filled. The system provides corporate customers with a convenient and efficient way to purchase fuel. In 2011, the CCPS helped increase corporate sales to 1.8 million tonnes, with the number of contracts totalling over 40,000.

Gazprom Neft's filling stations also operate a loyalty programme called "Going our way" for individual customers. This bonus scheme allows loyalty card holders to redeem accumulated bonuses when paying for purchased goods and services at Gazprom Neft filling stations. The programme is now offered in every region where Gazprom Neft filling stations are available, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, etc. At the end of 2011 there were 1.9 million bonus scheme members.

40 mln tonnes sales of petroleum products to consumers by 2010
Fuel Card
Fuel Card

The Gazprom Neft fuel card is a convenient and efficient system which allows purchasers to make cashless payments for petroleum products. More than 1,000 businesses already use the card throughout Gazprom Neft petrol station network.

Mobile Applications (App)
Mobile Applications (App)

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