Gazprom Neft is committed to recruiting individuals with both talent and professionalism. The company consistently invests in the personal and professional development of its employees, and encourages thought and innovation in both its managerial approaches and production activities.

Gazprom Neft’s HR policy is built around the following key principles:

  • the recruitment and training of highly skilled technical specialists and managers
  • ongoing training including opportunities for systematic career development
  • competitive remuneration and incentive schemes with a clear focus on team achievement and individual contribution

Gazprom Neft’s businesses currently employ around 57,500 people across 24 regions throughout Russia, the CIS, and internationally. Employees at Gazprom Neft are a team of like-minded, skilled professionals, working towards a common goal.

Gazprom Neft Group’s vacancies

Human Resources Department
Email: job@gazprom-neft.ru

Vacancies at Gazprom Neft Group are only advertised on the company’s official websites and on www.superjob.ru and www.headhunter.ru.

JSC Gazprom Neft does not accept responsibility for any advertisements published on any other websites or other digital media.

Every CV we receive is carefully reviewed by a member of our HR team. However, the company can neither comment on CVs submitted nor provide information on current or future vacancies. We will only contact you if we have a vacancy appropriate to your qualifications.

Gazprom Neft Vacancies
Gazprom Neft Vacancies

Gazprom Neft has employees in more than 20 regions across Russia, as well as in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, the Republic of Belarus, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Iraq and Venezuela.

Mobile Applications (App)
Mobile Applications (App)

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