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Gazprom Neft is a vertically integrated oil company primarily engaged in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, and the production and sale of petroleum products.

The Company’s proven hydrocarbon reserves to SPE (PRMS) standards amount to 1.34 billion tonnes of oil equivalent (toe), making Gazprom Neft one of the 20 largest oil companies in the world.

Gazprom Neft Group consists of more than 70 production, refining and sales subsidiaries in Russia, neighbouring countries and further afield. The Company refines approximately 80% of all the oil it produces, one of the highest ratios of all Russian companies in the sector. Gazprom Neft is the third-largest oil company in Russia by refining volume and fourth largest in terms of production.

Gazprom Neft operates in Russia’s major oil and gas regions: in the Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Districts and in the Tomsk, Omsk and Orenburg regions. The Company’s major refining facilities are in the Omsk, Moscow and Yaroslavl regions, and also in Serbia. Additionally it has production projects outside Russia — in Iraq, Venezuela and other countries.

Gazprom Neft exports to over 50 countries and distributes its products for sale through an extensive network of outlets both in Russia and abroad. The Company currently has almost 1,750 filling stations in Russia, the CIS and Europe.

Gazprom Neft’s largest shareholder is Gazprom (95.68 %). The remaining shares are in free float.

Gazprom Neft in Figures

(as of 31 December, 2013)

Indicator 2013 Change 2013/2012
Net profit, RUB billions 177.92 +0.9%
Proven hydrocarbon reserves according to PRMS (SPE), millions of tonnes (toe) 1,343 +11.9%
Reserve replacement ratio 333%
Hydrocarbon production (including shares in affiliates), millions of tonnes (toe) 62.26 +4.3%
Total oil refined, millions of tonnes 42.63 -1.6%
Total petroleum products sold in Russia, millions of tonnes 25.8 +2.7%
Sales through premium channels — minor sales and own network of filling stations, sales of aviation fuel and bunker, millions of tonnes 23.9 +4.8%
Total sales through filling stations, millions of tonnes 8.4 +13%
Average daily sales per filling station in Russia, tonnes per day 19.0 +7.8%
Petroleum products exported, millions of tonnes 19.9 +5.4%
Average number of employees per facility, thousands 55.9 +2%
Resource Base
Resource Base

Gazprom Neft has a substantial resource base, which increases every year through the effective development of its own fields and acquisitions of new assets in Russia and abroa

Annual Report
JSC “Gazprom Neft” Annual Report 2013 (Interactive version)

JSC “Gazprom Neft” Annual Report 2013 (Interactive version)

Mobile Applications (App)
Mobile Applications (App)

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