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The largest in Europe

The Gazprom Neft Cup KHL Kids Hockey Tournament is the largest sports competition of its kind in Europe, bringing together KHL children’s teams in the under-11 age group. The Tournament uses a divisional model.

XI Gazprom Neft Cup was held in Sochi and Omsk from 21 to 26 April 2017. The tournament matches took place at the sports palaces “Bolshoy”, “Iceberg” and “Arena Omsk”. 27 teams from five countries participated in the competition. At the tournament debuted hockey team Sochi.

Gazprom Neft Cup

The Tournament is covered by leading sports media and the main Tournament trophy is made by the same craftsmen as the principal KHL trophy, the Gagarin Cup.

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On receipt of the Gazprom Neft Cup official status of KHL Youth Ice Hockey Tournament winner was:

CSKA logo CSKA 2017
Lokomotiv logo Lokomotiv 2016
Dinamo logo Dinamo 2015
CSKA logo CSKA 2014
CSKA logo CSKA 2013
Ak Bars logo Ak Bars 2012
Traktor logo Tracktor 2011
Avangard logo Avangard 2010

Each year, the name of the winning team is engraved on the Gazprom Neft Cup and the victors keep it until the next Tournament. The first Gazprom Neft Cup Tournament was held in 2007. Winning teams in the years since the Tournament was nominated as the official KHL kids tournament were Avangard (2010), Ak Bars (2011), Traktor (2012), and CSKA (2013 and 2014).

All main costs of the Tournament, including board and lodging for teams, transportation, organization of the opening and closing ceremonies, conduct of games, advertising and media coverage, prize money and souvenirs, training seminars for coaches and excursion programs for teams, are borne in full by Gazprom Neft.

The multimedia opening show is on the level of match shows by leading KHL clubs and the Tournament is widely covered by leading Russian and foreign media, including live relay of the first match and the super final by KHL TV Channel.

Tournament conditions, PDF (189 kB) Tournament Regulations, PDF (360 Кб)
Alexei Miller
Alexei Miller Chairman of the Management Committee,

The Gazprom Neft Cup KHL International Kids Hockey Tournament is entering its second decade with an established reputation as the largest children’s ice-hockey event in Europe.

Unprecedentedly high levels of organisation and efficient cooperation with Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League ensure that the tournament is held to professional league standards. Participation in the tournament is a chance to experience the atmosphere of top-level sport at a young age. It offers invaluable experience and gives the young teams something to be proud of.

The Gazprom Neft Cup unites young players in their aspiration to compete and win, become professional sportsmen and, ultimately, stars of ice hockey. My greetings to all participants of the XI Gazprom Neft Cup KHL International Kids Hockey Tournament!

Show your best play, win gracefully!

Dmitry Chernyshenko
Dmitry Chernyshenko President
of the Kontinental
Hockey League

The Gazprom Neft Cup has become an integral part of the ice hockey season over the 11 years that it has been staged. The tournament starts straight after conclusion of the most important stage of the KHL Championship, the final series of the Gagarin Cup. The young players learn from the iconic adult sportsmen not only hockey mastery, but also action on the ice, picking up professional behaviour that true masters poses. This continuity allows us to preserve and maintain the great traditions of ice hockey in our country and also to raise a strong next generation. The names of the players in the early tournaments are already appearing on jerseys in professional teams of the Kontinental and Youth hockey leagues, and I am sure that as the years go by this will become more and more common. I wish all the players in the 11th Gazprom Neft Cup success and will to win!

Alexander Dyukov
Alexander Dyukov Chairman of the Management Board,
Gazprom Neft PJSC

This year Gazprom Neft Cup celebrates its 11th birthday. Starting as a regional tournament it has become the major children’s ice hockey event in Europe. The international competition holds the media, fans, experts, and of course, young ice hockey players and their parents spellbound. Winning the Cup is prestigious and important! But just as important is the feeling of being a part of ice hockey family, with respect for rivals, teammates, and fans. The high standards of Gazprom Neft Cup organization give a chance to play on the ice of the best ice hockey arenas of our country, take the first step towards professional carrier and feel like a real star! Good luck to all tournament participants!

Alexander Dybal
Alexander Dybal Chairman of the Tournament Organizing Committee,
Member of the Management Board of Gazprom Neft

The Gazprom Neft Cup International Tournament takes another step forward this year, when West Group games will be held at former Olympic venues in Sochi, and the Sochi children’s team makes its Tournament debut on its home ice rink. We wish the newcomers the best of luck!

Our Tournament is designed to give young hockey players their first experience of a real, top-level international sports event, including opening show, TV broadcasting, dedicated website and coverage in the media. And this year’s winner will be twice number one, raising the Cup (made by the same artists who created the KHL’s Gagarin Cup) for the 11th time!

Europe’s best children’s ice-hockey tournament is fast approaching!

See you on the ice!

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