The Bolshoi Festival of Russian Music was founded by internationally renowned film director Emir Kusturica in 2013. Gazprom Neft is the general sponsor of the festival.

The Bolshoi Festival of Russian Music was founded by internationally renowned film director Emir Kusturica in 2013. Gazprom Neft is the general sponsor of the festival.

The Bolshoi Festival is a flagship initiative of the Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.

The key idea behind the Festival is to support talented young people from music schools and academies throughout Serbia and talented young people from across Russia, providing a platform for dialogue between talented young people in Russia and Serbia, allowing them to share experience and develop musical and cultural ties.

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The Festival is supported by Russia’s Gazprom Neft as Serbia’s most significant international investor in promoting social and cultural ties between these two countries.

The Festival includes mandatory competitive and cultural programmes, with young artists competing in the performance of classical and contemporary pieces by Russian and Serbian composers. The non-competitive cultural programme includes concerts and performances by famous Russian and Serbian musicians.

The 2015 festival saw young Russian musicians compete for the first time, thanks to support from the Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, with music schools from Omsk, Tomsk, Muravlenko, Noyabrsk, Orenburg and Khanty-Mansiysk taking part.

Festival jury
Yuri Rozum

Russian pianist, People’s Artist of Russia, laureate of international competitions, soloist of the Moscow State Philharmonic Society, president of the International Charitable Fund Yuri Rozum, Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor and Head of Department of Special Piano Russian Academy of Music. Gnesin.

Since 2011 Yuri Rozum is an honorary professor at Moscow State University of Culture and Arts and an honorary member of the International Academy of Arts.

Yuri Rozum was born in Moscow on February 22 at the family baritone Alexander Rozum and conductor-choirmaster Academic Choir of Russian Song of radio and television Russia Galina Rojdestvenskaya.

In 2005 Yuri Rozum founded the International Foundation Yuri Rozum, whose main purpose is to support young talents.

Zoran Komadina

Zoran Komadina received his primary and secondary music education in Sarajevo.

He studied composition at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad with Prof. Dusan Radic, he continued his studies at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade with Professor Vlastimir Trajkovic, a master’s degree.

He is engaged in music as a performer, composer and conductor. He writes chamber, solo and symphonic music.

Currently, he teaches at the Music Academy in East Sarajevo theoretical disciplines.

Zoran acted conductor at the premiere of the opera “Time of the Gypsies” in France and Serbia.

Jury chairman
Liliana Nestorovska

Liliana Nestorovska is a PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade since 1997, from 2010 — professor of the class of Harp and Chamber Music.

Students and pupils Liliana Nestorovska received more than 130 awards at national and international competitions, more than 10 graduates were awarded the prestigious foreign master’s scholarships.

Most of them have become successful musicians and teachers of the harp in the country and abroad.

Along with these activities Liliana Nestorovska is a successful musician: participated in the World Congress of the harp in Geneva, Vancouver and Sydney, the International Review of Composers in Belgrade, concerts at the International Festival in Belgrade Harp, Harp Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

The Golden
The Festival is symbolised in the “Golden Matryoshka”, reflecting the real essence of pan-Slavonic unity, exemplified by freedom in musical self-expression.
Stars of the festival
Nemanja Radulović

Serbian violin virtuoso, winner of international competitions.

Stars of the festival
Zoran Todorovich

German opera singer of Serbian origin, lyric tenor.

Stars of the festival
Narek Hakhnazaryan

Cellist, winner of international Tchaikovsky competition.

Stars of the festival
Valery Gergiev

Russian conductor, artistic director and CEO of the Mariinsky Theater.

Stars of the festival
Roman Simovic

Violinist, concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra.

Stars of the festival
Justus Grimm

Cellist, soloist with La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra, London Chamber Orchestra.

Stars of the festival
Tatyana Samouil

Russian-Belgian violinist.

Russian participants 2017
The history
of the Festival
150 contestants from Serbia and the Republika Srpska take part in the first Bolshoi Music Festival.
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The Festival is opened by film director Emir Kusturitsa and Kirill Kravchenko, Deputy CEO, Gazprom Neft, and CEO, NIS.

Festival performers include Divna Ljubojevic, together with the “Melody” choir, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jan Kucera, and the “No Smoking Orchestra”, performing the famous opera “Time of the Gypsies”. The star of the festival is Russian pianist Yuri Rozum, with honoured guests at the event including Italian actress Monica Bellucci.

Photo and video
Ninety five students and pupils from music academies and high schools throughout Serbia and Respublika Sprska perform contemporary and classical Russian pieces to compete for the main prize — the Golden Matryoshka.
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First place was won by the Trio Assaha from the Belgrade Music Academy, with Pavle Krstic (from the Isidor Bayić Secondary School of Music, Novy Sad) taking silver, and bronze going to Van Chirkovich, from the Music Academy of East Sarajevo.

The second music festival was opened with a concert from Denis Matsuev, one of the most famous pianists on the international stage.

The Bolshoi Festival also included a performance from the Czech National Orchestra, performing the opera, “Time of the Gypsies” accompanied by the Festival’s “No Smoking Orchestra”.

Photo and video
More than 70 talented young people from high schools and academies throughout Serbia and Respublika Sprska take part in the Festival competition programme.
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For the first time young Russian artists representing music schools from Omsk, Tomsk, Muravlenko, Noyabrsk, Orenburg and Khanti-Mansiysk performed on stage at Drvengrad.

Third place in the competition won fifteen-year-old violinist Anastasia Chugainova, Khanty-Mansiysk, with second place going to a Serbian vocal—instrumental ensemble, and the main prize of the festival — the Golden Matryoshka — being won by Leo Borislavlevich, a student at the Faculty of Musical Arts, Belgrade.

Guests at the event were treated to appearances by outstanding performers, with the opening of the festival marked by international award-winning pianist Yuri Rozum performing works by Russian composers. The second day of the programme saw a concert — attended by the Patriarch of Serbia — from world famous Serbian violinist Nemanja Radulovic, accompanied by the Belgrade Symphony Orchestra conducted by Srboljub Dimich. The festival closed with the No Smoking Orchestra, led by Emir Kusturica, playing some of his most famous compositions.

Photo and video
Sixty five competitors — from Serbia, the Republika Srpska and Russia — took part in the fourth Bolshoi Festival of Russian Music.
Russian participants represented a total seven cities, including Muravlenko, Cape Kammeny, Noyabrsk, Omsk, Orenburg, Tomsk and Khanty-Mansiysk.
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The international jury for the fourth Festival was headed by the famous pianist and honoured Russian artist Yury Rozum.

Festival results

The Gold Matryoshka in the 13—17-year-old age group was won by Alexander Latinovic, from the Serbian city of Ub.

The Silver Matryoshka in the 13—17-year-old age group was won by Galina Nikolin, from Belgrade.

The Bronze Matryoshka in the 13—17-year-old age group was won by Ekaterina Maslova, from Noyabrsk.

In the 18—25-year-old age group the Gold, Silver and Bronze Matryoshkas were won by Milosav Bojicic, a student at the Belgrade State Institute for Arts and Culture; Yana Momirovic, a student at the Prayner Conservatory, Vienna; and Minya Minja Marčetić, a student at the Belgrade Faculty of Musical Arts.

A new feature of the fourth Festival consisted of unique master classes for young musicians, led by Nemanja Radulović, Zoran Todorović, Narek Akhnazaryan, and Yuri Rozum.

Festival guests enjoyed the technical mastery of classical music stars, with the Festival opening with a concert from the “Bolshoi” symphony orchestra, conducted by Srboljub Dinić, director of the Mexico City Opera, followed by a performance from renowned tenor Zoran Todorović. People’s Artist of the Russian Federation and famous pianist Yuri Rozym, as well as young Armenian star and winner of the International Tchaikovsky Competition, cellist Narek Akhnazaryan, also performed at the festival.

Violinist Nemanja Raduolović closed the Festival, together with the Double Sens ensemble.

Russian participants 2016
Маria Baigushkina

Maria Baigushkina is a pupil at the North-Russia Arts Centre for Gifted Children.

Maria performs as a soloist, in ensemble concerts, and in a symphony orchestra, and is actively involved in all activities with the Arts Centre’s Philharmonic Orchestra. Maria’s repertoire includes more than 30 concert performances.

Maria is proud of her achievements, which include:

Prize winner, Class I, Young Instrumentalists District Competition (string instruments, Surgut, 2016) ;

Prize winner, Class III, All-Russia Rose Winds Children’s Competition (Khanty-Mansiysk, 2016).

Ekaterina Kosenok

Ekaterina Kosenok studies at the North-Russia Arts Centre for Gifted Children. She excels in academic disciplines, passing her exams with consistently “excellent” or “good” grades, while maintaining a busy concert schedule throughout the towns and cities of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug.

Ekaterina Kosenok has taken part in masterclasses led by leading cultural figures including Andrei Korobeinikov, Moscow State Conservatory tutor S. Voronov, and Chelyabinsk State Conservatory tutor M. Ivashkov.

Ekaterina Maslova

Ekaterina Maslova has been a student at the P.I. Tchaikovsky School for the Arts, Noyabrsk, since 2007, studying under Irina Vitalyevich Samarina.

Ekaterina has been an active concert performer for the last six years, playing solo and in piano duets. Katya is an excellent student, receiving a special award for “Outstanding Creative Achievement” established by the Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Ekaterina takes part in competitions every year, including, for example, the Scriabin “Window to Europe” competition, Paris; the “Miniature Russian Music” festival, St Petersburg; the “Siberia Lights up the Stars” festival, Tyumen; and others.

Katya has been a Grand Prix prize winner twice: at the All-Russia Tchaikovsky Competition, Izhevsk, and at the city-wide “Inspiration” competition. Ekaterina’s achievements are not limited to the arts: she enjoys tourism, dancing, figure skating, and is a staff reporter on the “Krugozor” newspaper.

Cape Kamenny
Karolina Turanskaya

Karolina has been studying at the Myskamenskiy branch of the Yamal Children’s Music School since 2012.

Karolina continues to improve her performance skills, taking part in concerts in her home town as well as performing at festival competitions at various levels.

She was a prize winner at the 2012 IV Yamal Rhapsody District Festival Competition (young entrants’ group), receiving a “Successful Debut” award.

She holds more than 20 first- and second-place awards for her participation in music competitions, including the “Russian Talents”, “Lira”, “Pride of Russia” and other festivals. In 2014 Karolina was honoured with a trip to the Kremlin Christmas tree.

Yana Korepanova

Yana Korepanova has been studying music since the age of six.

She has a wide-ranging repertoire covering classical music and arrangements of folk music, which she performs successfully at various venues throughout the city and the region. She takes part in the citywide “Children Playing with the Orchestra” initiative, together with the Tomsk Academic Symphony Orchestra and the Municipal Russian Folk Orchestra, every year.

Yana’s outstanding professional achievements and active performance schedule throughout 2012, 2014 and 2015 saw her included in the citywide “Tomsk Young Talents” programme, as well as receiving arts education scholarships from the Tomsk Oblast Department for Culture and Tourism.

Yana is a regular performer in various music competitions including the IV International Savely Orlov Festival Competition (at which she was a Class I prize winner), the First Regional Folk Instrumentalists Competition (Class I prize winner), the A.N. Romanov Siberia Inter-regional Young Folk Instrumentalists Competition (Class I prize winner), and others.

Ilya Kovalyev

Ilya Kovalyev has been a student at the Shebalin Music College, Omsk, since 2014.

Ilya is a regular participant in concerts and artistic events throughout the city. He performs both as a soloist and in chamber concerts, as well as being a member of the “Blis” duet. He has made more than 300 concert appearances.

Ilya’s success in his professional studies is further endorsed by his successful appearances at performance competitions including:

— Class I prize winner at the VII International “Golden Siberia” International Competition, 2016;

— Class I prize winner at the All-Russia Woodwind and Folk Instruments “Lights of Siberia” Competition, 2015;

— Grand Prix winner at the VIII “Wide Open Spaces” Folk Instruments Competition, 2016;

— Class I prize winner, “Siberia Lights Up the Stars” Competition, 2015;

— Class I prize winner, VI International “Golden Siberia” Festival of the Arts, 2015;

Anastasia Sabelnikova

Anastasia Sabelnikova entered a children’s school for the arts in 2011, successfully passing the entrance examination to join the first-year folk department.

She receives one-on-one tuition on the accordion within the folk department, under teacher Olga V. Makhotko, as well as playing in an accordion group, in a folk orchestra, and in a spoon-playing ensemble.

Anastasia is actively involved in concerts at the school. Highly motivated, her serious work in music has allowed her to achieve considerable success at international competitions, including performing at

the XXXV “Young Musicians of Orenburg” Open Competition, 2014, receiving a nomination and diploma; performing in the III International “Button and Keyboard Accordion” Folk Instruments Competition, 2015 — nominated as a soloist and receiving a Class III prize; and receiving a Class II prize diploma at the “Bring Friends to the Urals” festival, Orenburg, 2015.

Photo and video
Festival location
Drvengrad, built by Emir Kusturitsa for scenes in his film “Life is a Miracle”, is close to the narrow-gauge railway that once united Belgrade with Dubrovnik
Festival location
All streets and buildings have been given special names celebrating famous people: Novak Djokavic Street, Maradona Street, the Stanley Kurbrick cinema building, Nikita Mikhalkov Square, the House of Dostoevsky, and so on
Festival location
The town is centred around Nikola Tesla square, whose main building is the church of St Sava; the town having only around 50 houses, in total
Organizer of the festival (Serbia):
Rasta International
+381 11 24 31 505

Festival location:
Serbia, Mechavnik
Organizing Committee (Russia):
+7 (495) 777-3143 (Moscow)
+7 (812) 648-3143 (Saint Petersburg)

13-15 july 2017