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Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Hotline

Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Hotline

A system to combat fraud and corruption is in operation at Gazprom Neft, the main component of which is the Gazprom Neft Hotline.

The Hotline is a mechanizm to collect and process information about any signs of violations of company regulations, administrative offenses, or crimes. Its goal is to provide everybody with the opportunity to report violations at Gazprom Neft, its subsidiaries, and affiliated companies.

Recognizing that any violation of law is a threat to successfully advancing the business, Gazprom Neft strives to develop and employ the best tools to combat violations, including the use of the best global corporate practices in defending against such threats.

The Hotline is designed to be used for collecting and processing information on:

  1. any indication or evidence of fraud and/or corruption (e.g., embezzlement or misappropriation of any GPN Group property or assets; acceptance or offering of any bribes, payoffs or kick-backs; any actions exceeding designated authority and/or without appropriate approval);
  2. any violation of tender procedures and/or action inhibiting competition;
  3. any disclosure or misuse of proprietary information;
  4. any conflict of interest on the part of our employees and/or contractors;
  5. any violation of Russian Federation labour legislation and/or regulation, or any violation of business standards;
  6. any complaints regarding any violation of human rights, or any discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, background, age or other grounds;
  7. any breach of environmental and/or industrial safety;
  8. any loss of, or damage to material assets, failure to ensure the proper safekeeping of Company property, and/or any sale of such property to the detriment of the Company;
  9. any other actions detrimental to the Company’s interests and/or reputation.

How the Hotline works:

  • Anyone can contact the Hotline, including anonymously. All reports are handled individually, and feedback is given following review.
  • All information is verified in respect of each report received.
  • All information received through the Hotline remains completely confidential.
  • All information received is verified objectively and independently: such objectivity being ensured by the fact that all information received through the Hotline is only ever reviewed by individuals other than those involved in the issue reported, allowing them to manage the verification process objectively and independently, and to draw their conclusions exclusively on the basis of factual evidence, in full compliance with current legislation.

Please let us know about anything that concerns you, through this feedback form.