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Oil and gas production

Gazprom Neft is one of Russia’s leading hydrocarbon producers, and one of the top-10 largest oil-production companies in the world.

A top-three market leader

Gazprom Neft has now confirmed its status as one of Russia’s top-three hydrocarbon producers, producing 92.88 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe) in 2018 — a 3.5-percent increase on 2017. Production of liquid hydrocarbons was also up 0.9 percent year-on-year, reaching 62.99 million tonnes (mtoe) — again the third highest in Russia.

92,88 mtoe Gazprom Neft – hydrocarbon production 2018

Development in the Arctic

Gazprom Neft’s production growth has been largely driven by its major projects in the Russian Arctic — the Prirazlomnoye, Novoportovskoye and Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye fields.

The development of Gazprom Neft’s Arctic cluster is ongoing, with the installation of surface facilities in the northern part of the Novoportovskoye field scheduled in the near future. The further development of the Messoyakha group of fields will involve developing the deep horizons (strata) at the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field, together with preparations for developing the Zapadno (western) block, where an oil and gas deposit discovered in 2018 has reserves in places estimated at 85 mtoe — volumes comparable to a standalone field. Production is scheduled to start here in 2021.

200 million tonnes Using alkali-surfactant-polymer (ASP) flooding at priority sites alone will result in additional oil production
The Arctic Gates oil-loading terminal The Arctic Gates oil-loading terminal

Innovative enhanced oil recovery techniques

A significant proportion of the company’s assets comprise mature fields, at an advanced stage of development. The outcomes of a two-year pilot project at the Zapadno-Salymskoye field being developed in partnership with Shell in 2018 demonstrated how the use of ASP flooding can bring new life to many old fields.

Injecting an alkali-surfactant-polymer (ASP) mixture into strata «flushes» oil from the bedrock, increasing the oil recovery factor (ORF) by as much as 69 percent — almost double the average in Russia. Incremental production from applying these technologies at priority sites alone could reach as much as 200 million tonnes.

A key technological focus at Gazprom Neft involves improving drilling efficiency. One of the cutting-edge technologies being used at the company’s fields involves drilling long horizontal wells (with maximum lengths of more than two metres) and re-enforced multilateral wells with cased boreholes fitted with specialist reinforced casing strings, screwed or welded together.

«Underbalanced drilling», in which well-bore pressure is kept below formation pressure, thereby improving both well-construction and the ORF, is also being proactively rolled out at Gazprom Neft.

The “Saratsin” rig at the Kapitonovskoye field The “Saratsin” rig at the Kapitonovskoye field

Gas programme

Many of Gazprom Neft’s new and promising fields contain significant gas reserves, in addition to oil. Monetising these reserves is the focus of a dedicated large-scale programme. The company produced 37.22 billion cubic metres of gas in 2018, a 9.4-percent increase on 2017.

The key factors behind this growth are a consistently high level (97–99 percent) of associated petroleum gas (APG) usage at assets with well developed gas infrastructure; the use of gas-injection technologies at the Novoportovskoye field; and the development of gas infrastructure at the Vostochno (eastern) block at the Orenburgskoye oil and gas condensate field.

37,22 billion cubic metres Gas production at Gazprom Neft 2018
Gas infrastructure at the Novoportovskoye field

A separate major project, Yamal Gas, involves gas-processing facilities being built at the Novoportovskoye field. Gas from neighbouring license blocks, in addition to gas from Novy Port itself, will feed into these facilities. A gas pipeline will be built to transport this gas to the Yamburgskoye field compressor station, from where Yamal gas will then feed into the country’s integrated gas transportation system.

Digital production projects

A unique Production Control Centre (PCC), which involves using digital twins of actual fields, has been established within Gazprom Neft. This digital platform collates and processes well and pumping-equipment data to determine optimum production modes for specific sites.

A pilot project on creating a digital PCC has been initiated in the southern section of the Priobskoye field in the Khanti-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. Similar centres are now being established at other Gazprom Neft assets.

The production control centre
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