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Valery Serdukov

Valery Serdukov

Independent director. Member of the Board of Director’s Committee for Human Resources and Remuneration.


  • Born on 9 November 1945 in Gomel Oblast, Byelorussian SSR.
  • After graduating from high school worked as a surveyor in Yakutia; from 1962: Gomselmash" (Byelorussian SSR).
  • Completed military service in the Soviet Army.


  • In 1967 employed at Vorkutaugol.
  • In 1987 graduated from the G.V. Plekhanov Leningrad Mining Institute.
  • From 1990: Deputy Director General, Vorkutaugol.
  • In 1996, appointed Vice-Governor of the Leningrad Oblast for Industry, Fuel and energy, forestry and environmental management; from 1998: First Vice-Governor of the Leningrad Oblast.
  • In September 1999, elected Governor of the Leningrad Oblast; in September 2003 re-elected for the second term; in 2007 appointed Governor of the Leningrad Oblast, holding this post until May 2012.
  • PhD in economics, a number of government and industry awards.
  • Holding in Gazprom Neft PJSC: none.