Moscow refinery

The Moscow refinery is a leader in the production of high-octane petrol and diesel, servicing more than 35% of petroleum demand in the Moscow Region. The refinery’s annual installed capacity is 12.78 million tonnes of oil per year.

Clean refining

Refining volumes at the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery were 9.37 million tonnes of oil in 2017, with a light product yield of 55.1 percent. Refining depth at the Moscow Refinery improved on last year, to 80.3 percent (in comparison with 75.8 percent in 2016).

The Moscow Oil Refinery in 2017
9,4 million tonnes of oil refined
80,3% refining depth
55,1% light product yield

Gazprom Neft has been implementing an extensive modernisation programme at its Moscow Refinery since 2011. Projects implemented between 2011 and 2016 have allowed the plant to transfer to the exclusive production of Euro-5 gasolines and diesel fuels, as well as reducing environmental impacts by 50 percent. An innovative water treatment complex — the “Biosphere”, a facility unmatched in Russia’s domestic refining industry — was brought into operation in 2017, allowing efficiency in waste water treatment to increase to 99.9 percent.

The plant’s environmental impacts are expected to see a further 50-percent reduction by 2020.

Modernisation at the Moscow Refinery is expected to reach 80-percent completion in 2018. On completing the construction of a new Euro+ combined oil refining unit (CORU), 32 of the plant’s technological facilities will have been newly installed or upgraded.

On the basis of its 2013 performance, the Moscow refinery has been recognised by the World Refining association (WRA) as the leader in the CIS. The refinery was also awarded first place in the Government of Moscow’s competition for environmental protection in the category “Best Project Completed Using Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving Technologies.”