The NIS refining complex

The NIS refining complex in Serbia has two refineries in Pančevo and Novi Sad. They have a combined maximum annual capacity of 7.3 million tonnes of crude oil. Total refining volumes in 2017 were 3.34 million tonnes, a one-percent increase year-on-year.

A leader in the Balkans

Capacity at NIS’ main refining facility — the Pančevo Refinery —allows it not only to meet all local demand in full, but also to export fuel to countries throughout the Balkans.

NIS 2017 refining volumes
3,3 million tonnes of oil refined
86,5% refining depth
75,5% light product yield

2017 saw work start on construction of a delayed coking unit at the facility — a key element of the “Deep Refining” project being implemented as part of the second stage of modernising refining capacity at NIS.

NIS’ Pančevo Refinery was the first energy business in Serbia to receive international IPPC accreditation, confirming its production processes’ compliance with European environmental standards. Since receiving this accreditation, the Pančevo Refinery has become one of the best production facilities in Europe.