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Slavneft-YANOS (Yaroslavl)

One of Russia’s largest refineries, and a market leader in aviation fuel and high-quality base-oil production.

Scale and development

Gazpromneft-YANOS forms part of Slavneft, a Gazprom Neft—Rosneft joint venture and one of the five largest refineries in Russia. Refining volumes in 2018 reached 15.7 million tonnes of oil, with production of light oil products reaching 8.7 million tonnes, of which aviation kerosene comprised 1.7 million tonnes.

Commercial production of new bitumen brands — fully compliant with European quality standards — has been integral to Slavneft-YANOS’ operations over the past year, with several products — including, specifically, Euro-5 diesel fuels and BND 70/100 road bitumen — among the winners in the annual «Russia’s 100 Best Products» awards.

15,7 million tonnes of oil Refining volumes at Slavneft-YANOS in 2018

Made in Russia

The commissioning of a Grade III base-oils facility in 2017 has seen the plant significantly increase the range of lubricants produced.

Slavneft-YANOS’ new products include specialist low-viscosity base oils, which have formed the basis for developing Gazpromneft Drilline branded drilling fluids. This product line includes four branded products (total production of which stands at 5,000 tonnes per year) to replace currently imported alternatives.

Implementing this project has allowed Gazprom Neft to virtually eliminate any use of imported base oils in the drilling-fluid production chain, cutting this raw-materials cost by 30 percent.

7,86 million tonnes Gazprom Neft’s share in 2018 total refining volumes

Financial highlights:

(2018 data)

15,0 million tonnes Production capacity
66,58% Refining depth
55,25% Light product yield