One of Russia’s largest refineries, and a market leader in aviation fuel and high-quality base-oil production.

Scale and development

Gazpromneft-YaNOS forms part of Slavneft, a Gazprom Neft—Rosneft joint venture and one of the five largest refineries in Russia. Refining throughput in 2020 reached 14.6 million tonnes of oil, with the plant producing 2.2 million tonnes of gasoline, 3.9 million tonnes of diesel, and 1.5 million tonnes of aviation fuel.

Slavneft-YaNOS’ products were again recognised in the 2020 “Russia’s 100 Best Products” awards, with the company’s TS-1 aviation fuel among the prize winners, and its AI-95-K5 gasoline being awarded a diploma in the Industrial and Technical Products nomination. 2020 also saw YaNOS receive a Russian Government Quality Award.

14.6 million tonnes of oil Slavneft-YaNOS 2020 refining throughput

A Russian manufacturing base

Developing new products and technologies is one of Slavneft-YaNOS’ most important areas for development. 2020 saw the company awarded first prize in an international competition for scientific, R&D and innovative developments held by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation — leading to an assessment on improving dewaxing technology for summer diesel fuel, ultimately leading to higher production of winter diesel, while delivering a significant reduction in costs.

The plant has got to grips with producing a whole range of cutting-edge lubricants, based on its own proprietary Group III base oils.

New products include specialist low-viscosity base oils, from which advanced oils for drilling fluids — including Gazpromneft Drilline, among others — have been developed.

Synthetic base oils are also behind the G-Energy Synthetic range of high-performance motor oils.

The refinery started commercial production of an advanced gasoline, with an octane number of 100, in 2021 — production of this new high-octane fuel, fully compliant with Euro-5 environmental standards, being one outcome of the plant’s technological upgrading programme.

7.3 million tonnes Gazprom Neft’s share in total YaNOS’ refining volumes, 2020

Operational highlights:

(2020 data)

14.6 million tonnes total refining throughput
66.7% conversion rate
55.6% light-product yield