Oil Refining at Third-Party Refineries

Gazprom Neft has access to capacity at the YaNOS Refinery (installed production capacity stands at 15 million tonnes per year), and the Mozyr Refinery, located in the Republic of Belarus, Installed production capacity stands at 12 million tonnes per year.

The Slavneft-YANOS refinery

YANOS’ total installed capacity is 15 million tonnes of oil per year. YANOS refined 7.7 million tonnes of oil in 2017.

YANOS in 2017
7,7 million tonnes of oil refined
66,7% refining depth
55,3% light product yield

Gazprom Neft’s AI-98-K5 unleaded petrol was among the winners at the 2017 “Russia’s 100 Best Products” awards, as was its DT-Z-K5 Minus 32 diesel, nominated in the “Industrial and Technical Products” category. The AI-98-K5 gasoline was also included in the competition’s “Golden 100” for prize-winning products excelling in quality, environmental friendliness, safety, and material and energy efficiency.

A new Group III base oils production facility was commissioned at the plant in 2017.

The Mozyr Refinery

The refinery’s annual installed capacity is 12.03 million tonnes of oil per year. The volume of oil refined at the Mozyr Oil Refinery is determined based on the Gazprom Neft oil supply schedule approved by the Russian Ministry of Energy and also how the oil is distributed for the oil refining needs of Gazprom Neft and sales to Mozyr Oil Refinery in accordance with an intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Belarus. Reconstruction of a crude distillation unit (CDU) saw the Mozyr Refinery’s design capacity increase from 12 to 14 million tonnes per year in 2017.

As a result of the reconstruction of a diesel fuel production facility, dewaxing is now part of the plant’s processing chain, thanks to which improved low-temperature products can now be obtained.