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Production and Sale of Bitumen Products

Gazprom Neft is the technological leader in Russia’s bitumens market. One out of every three roads in the country has been built using Gazprom Neft bitumens.

On all roads throughout the country

Gazprom Neft’s refineries and bitumen plants produce road, construction and roofing bitumens, polymer—bitumen binders, emulsified bitumens, and a wide range of high-tech bitumen derivatives. Gazprom Neft’s bitumen production plants are located in Russia (in Moscow, Omsk, Yaroslavl, Ryazan, Vyazma, and Salsk), Serbia and Kazakhstan.

Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials — operator of the Gazprom Neft bitumens business — sold 350,000 tonnes of bitumen materials through premium channels in 2018; total sales of all bitumen products reached more than 2.5 million tonnes.

2,5 million tonnes Total bitumen sales in 2018

The company’s bitumen materials are supplied throughout all of Russia’s regions. Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials’ exports are distributed to 56 countries, on three continents.

Gazprom Neft is the first oil and gas company in Russia to start developing its own bitumen terminal network, with its first such asset, acquired in 2018 — a high-tech production and logistics terminal in Salsk (Rostov Oblast) — set to become a major element in a logistics system supplying Russia’s southern regions with modern bitumen products.

The terminal’s infrastructure means it is able to handle up to 140,000 tonnes of polymer—bitumen binders every year. In addition, the enterprise is equipped with an installation for the production of polymer—bitumen binders.

Production facilities and product range
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The market leader in technological excellence

Gazprom Neft sold 202,000 tonnes of high-tech modified bitumens and bitumen derivative in 2018 — a 35-percent increase on 2017. The company’s products are actively used in the construction of vital road infrastructure facilities in Russia, including in developing and improving transport infrastructure in cities hosting matches for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials is actively involved in developing the Russian market in premium bitumen products. Gazprom Neft’s unique science and technology centre, established in 2016 within the Rayazan bitumens plant, is the first forum within a Russian vertically integrated oil company (VIOC) to support scientific research in the bitumens industry.

The modern equipment with which the Science and Technology Centre’s laboratories are equipped means that genuine traffic loads, traffic-flows and intensity, as well as the climatic conditions of various regions, can be simulated.

202,000 tonnes Sales of high-tech modified bitumens and bitumen derivatives in 2018.

Sales of innovative bitumen materials

Polymer-bitumen binders (PBBs) are formulated from bitumens with added polymers and plasticizers.

They are used in road construction, being much stronger and more durable than standard asphalt concrete. Thanks to these materials, expenditure on road maintenance can be reduced by up to 60 percent, and average service lives extended from three—four years to seven—10.

In 2016 Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials opened its own Science and Technology Centre, where it is developing innovative bitumen materials and where theoretical calculations are being tested on equipment allowing the simulation of actual traffic conditions.

Innovative bitumen materials

(2018 data)

10 years The useful life of innovative-bitumen road coverings
+35% the water resistance ratio of road coverings made with BRIT ZVS sealants
60% savings on road maintenance costs