Filling Station Network

Developing its own retail filling station network is a key priority for the company. The network brand’s high level of recognition, and customers’ confidence in the quality of its products, is further strengthening the company’s market leadership.

Cutting-edge filling stations

The filling station network comprises 1,838 outlets, of which 1,224 are in Russia, 192 in the CIS and 422 in Europe.

Through its «On Your Way» loyalty programme customers are offered a series of tiered privileges. The number of cardholders on what has now become the most popular loyalty programme among Russia’s fuel retailers has, so far, reached 11.4 million people.

Accessing a mobile app allows customers to follow the easiest route to the nearest station, find their preferred fuel brand and services, and check their bonus points. The Gazprom Neft filling station app can be accessed on Android and iOS.

A cash-free payment system is available to corporate customers of the Gazprom Neft filling station network.

Gazprom Neft filling stations aren’t just somewhere to fill up with quality fuel, but also high-tech complexes offering shops and a wide range of own-brand and other goods including the company’s own-brand Drive Cafes, air and water, cashpoints, payment terminals and more.

High quality fuel

Fuels offered by the Gazprom Neft filling station network include the company’s own-brand G-Drive and Diesel Opti lines.

The G-Drive product line includes 95, 08 and 100 octane-rated gasolines, whose fuel properties have been tested by leading Russian research centres and international laboratories. G-Drive fuels are tested in qualifying rounds by Russia’s G-Drive Racing team – FIA WEC champions in 2015, and European ELMS series champions in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Launched in 2016, Gazprom Neft’s Diesel Opti fuel has proved its enhanced performance in both independent laboratory tests and over the route of the international Silk Way rally.

Proven reliablility

Research by Russian market research agency ROMIR Holding has shown the Gazprom Neft filling station network to be the motorists’ favourite, with 40 percent of respondents saying they used the network as their main preference. G-Drive proved to be the most popular and best-known fuel brand, with 37 percent citing this as the fuel they buy most frequently. The research also confirmed the Gazprom Neft filling station network as having the most enduring and loyal client base, with customers appreciating its high-quality fuel, friendly service, the best loyalty programme and the most modern and best-equipped filling stations.

The Gazprom Neft filling station network is a repeated prize winner in Russia’s «Consumer Rights and Service Quality Awards», nominated for «Consumer Choice».