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Motor Oils and Lubricants

Gazprom Neft is one of Russia’s market leaders in lubricants, with a high-capacity production base and an extensive sales network.

Production and sales network

Gazpromneft-Lubricants’ (operator of the Gazprom Neft lubricants business) production base includes four assets in Russia (in Omsk, Yaroslavl, the Moscow Oblast and Nizhny Novgorod), and two in Europe (in Italy and Serbia). Total production of high-quality lubricants and service fluids under the G-Energy and Gazpromneft brands stands at 700,000 tonnes.

A well-developed sales network, covering both the B2B and B2C sectors, is delivering consistent increases in lubricants sales for Gazprom Neft, with total sales of premium oils and lubricants up 6.9 percent in 2018 (reaching 31,000 tonnes) and sales of G-Energy branded premium oils up 12 percent on 2017, reaching 52,000 tonnes.

Gazprom Neft’s 2018 market share in pre-packed oils and lubricants in Russia was 22 percent. The company’s international sales cover 78 countries, worldwide.

700,000 tonnes total production volume of oils, lubricants and service fluids under the G-Energy and Gazpromneft brands

New products

Gazprom Neft is constantly expanding its own-brand lubricants product range — notably with the launch of its Gazpromneft Ocean trademarked marine lubricants in 2017. Gazprom Neft was also the first Russian company to start producing low-viscosity base oils for drilling fluids, produced using the company’s own technology under its Gazpromneft Drilline brand.

The company launched 58 new premium products in 2018, with a further 27 existing products being reformulated using G-Base base oils, production of which was launched at the Slavneft-YANOS plant.

G-Energy Synthetic, a new product line based on Gazprom Neft’s own synthetic base oils, has been developed, and is now used in five products. These products deliver greater oxidation resistance, allowing lubricants to retain their performance qualities for longer. One of the products in this new line — G-Energy Synthetic Long Life 10W-40 engine oil — has already received official approval from Mercedes-Benz.

35% Gazprom Neft’s planned market share in the synthetic energy-efficient hydraulic oils market in Russia and the CIS by 2030

Another new product in 2018 was Gazpromneft Diesel Ultra — an oil for use in heavy-duty engines used in commercial, specialist and off-road vehicles. This is an ultra-high-performance diesel (UHPD) product, designed for modern high-acceleration turbo-charged diesel engines.

This oil has been subject to a multitude of tests before reaching consumers, including the most challenging test of all — the Dakar Rally — involving company specialists analysing the condition of oil used in the team’s technical support vehicle every day. Gazpromneft Diesel Ultra demonstrated outstanding results, withstanding all impacts, even on the most difficult runs.

2018 also saw the company launch new Gazpromneft GK transformer (insulating) oils and Gazpromneft White Oil ultra-refined white oils (used on equipment in the food-production, cosmetics and chemicals industries). Manufacturing of innovative energy-efficiency G-Special Power HVLP and Gazpromneft Hydraulic HVZF hydraulic oils, produced using Gazprom Neft’s own G-Base oils, was also initiated.

Sales of premium oils and lubricants (million tonnes)

The G-Energy Service network

The company also continues to develop its own premium-brand G-Energy Service stations, which had grown to reach 170 stations throughout 16 countries by 2018. 360,000 motorists used express oil-changing services at G-Energy Service partnering stations in 2018.

The G-Energy Service network (outlets)