VIII Gazprom Neft Cup KHL International Kids Hockey Tournament


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Twenty four teams, from six different countries, take part in the 2014 Gazprom Neft Cup, with the tournament being run on the “divisional” model, and teams divided into two groups — “East” and “West”.

The winner of Kids Hockey Tournament
«Gazprom Neft cup»

The 8th Gazprom Neft Cup KHL International Kids Hockey Tournament, which took place on April 20–25, 2014, was won by CSKA. The team beat Ak Bars in the Super Final scoring 1:0, so the young “army” athletes, who have won the Cup once in the past, are now the first and only team to take home the Tournament trophy for the second time in a row!

In 2014, the Gazprom Neft Cup Tournament was held using for the first time the divisional model, where the 24 participating teams from six countries were divided into two groups, the West Group and the East Group. The group stage of the Tournament took place concurrently in two cities, in Omsk (Russia) and in Minsk (the capital of the Republic of Belarus). The West Group teams met on the ice rink of the brand new sports complex in Minsk, the Chizhovka Arena, build specially for the 2014 World Hockey Championship. The Super Final traditionally was held in Omsk at the Omsk Arena, the Avangard Club’s home ground. The opening show and first games of the West and the East Groups, as well as the deciding battle in Minsk and the Super Final held in Omsk were broadcast live on KHL TV. The Gazprom Neft Cup games generated a storm of interest among hockey fans. The opening ceremony in Omsk was attended by a record number of more than 8,700 spectators, while 5,000 turned out for the parallel ceremony and opening match in Minsk. The Super Final in Omsk also drew a crowd exceeding 5,000.

Best players

WEST Group

Nikita Chibrikov Dinamo 13
Nikita Chibrikov Score:13 Dinamo
Vasilii Dronyk CSKA 11
Vasilii Dronyk Score:11 CSKA
Aleksei Makhalov Torpedo 10
Aleksei Makhalov Score:10 Torpedo
Igor Tiutiunnikov CSKA 10
Igor Tiutiunnikov Score:10 CSKA
Daniil Lazutin Dinamo 8
Daniil Lazutin Score:8 Dinamo

EAST Group

Dmitrii Buchelnikov Rubin 9
Dmitrii Buchelnikov Score:9 Rubin
Ivan Volgin Traktor 8
Ivan Volgin Score:8 Traktor
Dmitrii Katelevskii Ak Bars 8
Dmitrii Katelevskii Score:8 Ak Bars
Ilia Reingardt Avangard 7
Ilia Reingardt Score:7 Avangard
Ilia Epishchev Metallurg 7
Ilia Epishchev Score:7 Metallurg
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