Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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Modern refineries must be flexible

The director of Gazprom neft’s downstream business unit, Mikhail Antonov outlined the progress of the upgrade projects at the company’s refineries and its expectations on future products demand in a recent interview for Argus.

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Artificial intelligence isn’t a magic box: Gazprom Neft specialist Anna Dubovik on the importance of digital product samples

Interview with Head of Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning at Gazprom Neft, Anna Dubovik

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Interview: Serbia's NIS Looks Ahead After First Decade With Gazprom Neft

Interview with Kirill Tyurdenev, NIS CEO

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«Gazprom Neft will be moving gradually towards dividends of 50 percent of profit»

Interview with Alexei Yankevich, CFO, Gazprom Neft

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