Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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АНТИВИРУС - программа «Газпром нефти» против COVID-19 АНТИВИРУС - программа «Газпром нефти» против COVID-19

Gazprom Neft further extends anti-COVID-19 initiatives throughout its production facilities

Gazprom Neft is further strengthening its initiatives to counter the spread of COVID-19, increasing the capacity of existing barriers and introducing additional methods for preventing disease, with its company-wide “Antivirus” programme (bringing together all best practices in the fight against coronavirus) ensuring the uninterrupted and safe operation of all of the company’s plants and assets.*

Gazprom Neft is deploying new approaches in monitoring personnel prior to their going on-shift: the company is now testing its own and contractors’ employees for COVID-19 antibodies, in addition to PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing. In the event of antibodies being found and a PCR test proving negative, employees can now leave for shifts without having to remain in anti-COVID buffer zones. This new strategy means specialists’ on-shift clearance can be speeded-up, while still ensuring a high level of health protection at standalone facilities.

One hundred and thirty-five “buffer zones” have been established and are now in operation throughout the company, offering temporary accommodation and medical care for employees prior to their arriving at oilfields. In line with Rospotrebnadzor (Russia’s national public health agency) and local regulations, the observation period for shift-workers at standalone Gazprom Neft assets is 14 days. Employees undergo PCR testing for coronavirus infection while resident in buffer zones.

Employees are regularly tested at plants and production facilities in order to prevent any dissemination of the virus. In the event of any cases being identified, these are isolated and contact groups quarantined.

Pneumococcal (pneumonia) and seasonal flu immunisations and vaccinations have also been organised for employees throughout company facilities. Premises, transport and equipment are all disinfected regularly, employees have their temperatures taken automatically at plant and businesses’ entrances, and employees’ compliance with social distancing is monitored. Ample medicines, PPE and antiseptics have been made available at all facilities.

All meetings are now taking place exclusively online. As many office workers as possible have been moved to remote working.

An initiative — Safety Day 2020 — has been held to raise Upstream Division employees’ awareness of preventing infection and protecting their health, the key theme of which was combatting COVID-19 and preventing infection during the flu season. Thanks to remote working, more than 14,000 employees were able to take part. Many businesses marked Safety Day 2020 by commencing flu vaccinations, with a total 3,500 company and contractors’ employees being vaccinated.

The steps taken by Gazprom Neft mean the epidemiological situation is under control throughout the company’s production facilities, with the company adjusting its preventative initiatives in line with the situation in the regions.

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Notes for editors

* Gazprom Neft was the first oil company in Russia to take an open and transparent stance on working under the COVID-19 pandemic. To which end, the company’s “Antivirus” programme — based on identifying the key risks and establishing a system of barriers against any dissemination of the virus — was put in place in March 2020, with a range of initiatives being directed at protecting employees’ health, maintaining continuous production, and ensuring the company’s financial sustainability. In addition to which, Gazprom Neft has been providing assistance to residents — as well as to medical professionals and volunteers —throughout those locations in which it operates, delivering ventilators and scanners to hospitals, providing more than 2.7 million pieces of PPE, offering free servicing for emergency services vehicles, and providing free fuel for doctors and volunteer groups.