Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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Refilling by blockchain (TV programme “Energetica”, Russia-24)

Refilling by blockchain (TV programme “Energetica”, Russia-24) Refilling by blockchain (TV programme “Energetica”, Russia-24)

Gazpromneft-Aero and S7 Airlines have developed – and are now using – reciprocal smart-contracts* based on blockchain technology.** This initiative is improving speed and efficiency in reciprocal settlements in aviation refuelling, as well as automating planning and accounting in fuel supplies. Gazprom Neft is implementing cutting-edge digital technologies throughout its refineries – this being an important element in developing a digital platform for managing the logistics, processing and sales of oil products. * A “smart contract” is an algorithm which remotely initiates a blockchain, on certain conditions being met. The result of smart-contract initiation is signed-off by all blockchain parties: As a result of a smart contract being initiated, all parties in the blockchain are verified: on which basis, all data and history relating to logistics operations can be collated holistically. All parties involved in the procurement process have access to encrypted information, and all contracting parties — and enabled technologies — can engage in electronic data interchange. ** “Blockchain” refers to a continuously growing distributed database for storing and distributing information. No transactions recorded in a blockchain can be deleted or changed.