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New Advertising Campaign for G-Energy Motor Oils Begins

Gazprom Neft has launched a new advertising campaign for its premium motor oils under the G-Energy brand G-Energy Open a new window. The campaign began on September 20 on national television throughout Russia. Communication support is also planned over the radio, in printed media, and on the Internet.

The concept for the commercial, built around car racing, was created by Ogilvy&Mather Open a new window, an advertising agency. Motorsports are the ideal space for testing and perfecting motor fuel, oil, and other fluids. The unique Adaptive Components Formula (ACF) adjusts G-Energy oil under various conditions of engine operation. The necessary additives are activated when needed. It is specifically the oil's adaptive property that finds expression in positioning the brand under the slogan "Adapt to any situation", which was used in the last advertising campaign, which featured Hollywood actor Jason Statham.

The creative decision was also related to Gazprom Neft's new initiatives to support Russian athletes involved in prestigious international car races, in particular, Team RFR, which is performing in the World Series by Renault 3.5.

According to its script, the action begins simultaneously on a race track and in G-Energy's "headquarters". Then it moves to real road conditions. The spectacular computer graphics used in the commercial were created by the Mathematics studio in Paris. Fifteen computer artists worked on the 30-second spot. The latest technology used in the creation of the clip was called on to emphasize the cutting edge character and superb performance of premium G-Energy motor oils.