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A New Administrative and Social Complex Erected in TPDN Zapolyarneft

A new administrative and social residential complex (ASRC) was opened at the Novogodneye Oilfield of TPDN Zapolyarneft on April 18.

The complex comprises administrative offices for engineers and technicians of the Novogodneye field and living quarters for workshop employees who work on a rotational team basis. Besides, the ASRC includes a canteen, a gym, rest rooms and a medical care room. Built in accordance with up-to-date industrial standards the complex is equipped with a water purification system. All buildings are interconnected with arctic passageways – a must under the Far-North climatic conditions.

The new ASRC is the fifth in a series of similar projects realized. In the past, such complexes were erected at the Yarainerskoye, Krapivinskoye and Priobskoye fields and in Chukotka. Construction of a similar complex has been commenced at the Ety-Purovskoye field. Erection of an administrative and social residential complex at the Romanovskoye field is also envisaged.