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Advertizing Campaign for G-Energy Brand Launched with Jason Statham Starring

Gazprom Neft has launched a scale advertizing campaign for G-Energy motor oils with a famous English actor Jason Statham personifying the brand. From September 20, the campaign was started out on federal TV-channels, while from October 1 the G-Energy commercials with Jason Statham starring will come out in the outdoor advertizing and printed mass media. In the near future, the new Gazprom Neft's retail brand support will be expanded to become available in Belorussia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Moldova and Italy.

G-Energy is the first adaptive motor oil able to adjust to various conditions of motor performance by activating necessary additives at the right time. The said unique adaptiveness was reflected in the positioning of the G-Energy brand as "Adapting to Any Situation". This phrase also serves as a slogan of the new G-Energy advertizing campaign designed for Gazprom Neft by the Russian Ogilvy Group.

Jason Statham is well known to the Russian audience due to his roles in "The Transporter", "Snatch" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", and his on-screen image accords perfectly with the active and dynamic image of the G-Energy brand. Besides, Statham is one of the few actors whose image is closely associated with cars. The G-Energy commercial was directed by a famous Hollywood filmmaker Jan de Bont ("Speed", "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider").

The commercial production was set up from July 25 till July 28 in Prague. Simultaneously, Jason Statham took part in a photo session to visualize the advertizing campaign on billboards, print layouts, and in the design of retail outlets. Besides, the second commercial for G-Energy to go on the air next year, was shot in Prague as well.


A new motor oil brand G-Energy by Gazprom Neft was introduced to the international market in April 2010. The brand's product line includes synthetic and semisynthetic motor oils that meet the requirements of the world automobile manufacturers. G-Energy brand will cover products designed for present-day European, American and Japanese cars and commercial vehicles. G-Energy product range comprises over 40 names for different spheres of application.

G-Energy enters into the new G-Family of lubes produced by Gazpromneft-Lubricants. In addition to car motor oils, G-Family includes a line of motor oils for commercial vehicles (G-Profi), a line of transmission oils for both cars and commercial vehicles (G-Box and G-Truck), lines of oils for small engines (G-Motion and G-Wave), and a number of other specialized products.

G-Energy motor oils are produced at the European Gazpromneft-Lubes production facility in Bari (Italy). The factory in Bari represents an advanced hi-tech facility capable to yield 30 thousand tons of motor oil and 6 thousand tons of viscous lubricants per year. High precision low-tonnage blending allows producing over 100 various products designated for all sectors of the lubricants market. The factory is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for motor oil and lube production, packaging, storage and sales.