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Arkady Egizarjyan Appointed General Director of Moscow Refinery

Arkady Egizarjyan

On November 15, an extraordinary meeting of JSC Moscow Refinery was held to resolve on early termination of the powers of the Moscow Refinery General Director and election of the new CEO. Arkady Egizarjyan, who has been holding an interim appointment of the Company General Director from October 8, was appointed General Director of the Moscow Refinery.

Notes for editors

Born on October 18, 1974, Arkady Egizarjyan is a graduate of the Finance and Economics Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Global Economics (1996). In 2003, he graduated from the International Economy Faculty (SPbSU) with a Master's degree in business administration. He used to be employed in the position of JSC Pleks-Auto Commercial Director, and Deputy General Director of JSC Petrosoyuz Industrial Group.

From 2005 through December 2006, Mr. Egizarjyan held the position of Tomskneftekhim Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance, and in 2007 rose to the post of the General Director thereof. In 2009 he was appointed Executive Director of NIS Petrol in charge of logistics, processing and sales in the Serbian NIS.