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Bespoke geological IT facilities further developed at Gazprom Neft

Gazprom Neft has introduced new functionality into its bespoke GeoMate system, already being successfully utilised by specialists at the company’s Joint Scientific and Research Centre. The project is being implemented under the company’s “Electronic Asset Development” (EAD) IT initiative.

The GeoMate system being purposefully developed in line with the company’s specific business objectives allows the accumulation and analysis of geological data on all Gazprom Neft fields. This information platform allows the effect of more than 200 geological features to be evaluated. The GeoMate system brings together approximately 80 percent of all data available from the analysis of geological and geophysical information — seismic data, maps, the results of well surveys, well-core data, and so on. Access to a single, fully comprehensive IT environment allows Gazprom Neft employees direct and immediate access to all data, allowing the construction of field models and the identification and detailing of promising zones and formations.

Considerable additional scope is to be built into this new version, allowing geologists to streamline operations in well-core analysis, automate geological analysis strategies, and construct sample 3D geological models.

In order to allow the further development of its own, bespoke IT product, Gazprom Neft has registered the programme at Rospatent.

Gazprom Neft Technology Directorate Head Mars Khasanov commented: “The introduction of new technologies, methodologies and working practices in oil production is always dependent on properly developed supporting software. Thoroughly worked through, and targeted at specific business objectives, supporting software can significantly improve operational effectiveness; which is why a focus on IT has become a core component of Gazprom Neft’s technology strategy.”

Konstantin Kravchenko, Head of Gazprom Neft’s IT, Telecoms and Systems Department, added: “Geological prospecting is one of the most demanding areas of activity, in terms of IT infrastructure, for all oil and gas companies. Using bespoke supporting software means this can be designed in line with business processes, significantly increasing operational efficiency, as well as allowing information processing to be optimised in line with production strategies and business objectives.”

Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft’s “Electronic Asset Development (EAD)” project is developing IT initiatives in all areas of exploration and production, including geological prospecting, drilling, development, production, and field construction. Under implementation since 2012, the EAD initiative became part of the company’s technology strategy in 2014, and is now a key area of focus. The company’s technology strategy was recently updated in line with new production and business objectives of various Gazprom Neft subsidiaries. More than 30 projects are currently in hand under the EAD initiative.