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By 2010 Omsk NPZ Plans to Begin Production of Euro-4 Standard Fuel

By 2010 Omsk Refinery plans to begin the production of motor fuel of Euro-4 standard.

Such objective was announced at the meeting of the management with the heads of departments and subsidiaries. Long-term plans declared include the development of loss reduction program, which terms of implementation will be certain in the end of Q II. The business-plan of Omsk Refinery for 2007 will be also developed in Q II.

In Q I 2006 the plant met the plan both on volumes and on quality of output. For January-March of 2006 ONPZ has processed 3.65 million tons of oil, depth of processing of Omsk Refinery in Q I exceeded a planned target by 0.43 % and made 84.52 %.