CJSC «Gazpromneft-Aero» summarized balance of work for the first four months.

CJSC «Gazpromneft-Aero» summarized balance of work for January – April 2008. For the first four months the Company sold more than 430 thousand tons of aviation fuel, 74 thousand tons of which were sold in airports of Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Murmansk, Kemerovo.

By the end 2008 company plans to sell 1700 thousand tons.

JSC «Gazpromneft-Aero» works by direct contracts with airlines selling aviation fuel without intermediaries.

The main contractors of the Company are - JSC «Aeroflotт-Russian airlines», Federal State Unitary Enterprise «GTK «Russia», JSC «Transaero», JSC «Sibir airlines», CJSC «Sky Express», CJSC «Aeroflot–Nord», CJSC «Aeroflot–Don», JSC «Dalavia» and other.

According to development strategy of JSC «Gazpromneft-Aero» up to 2020, creation of self owned network of 15 flight refuelling units is planed that will be situated in Russian airports.

Existence of self owned network will enable regularity of aviation fuel supply to the airports, high quality of supplied aviation fuel, introduction of modern aircraft refulling technologies and flight safety.

Notes for editors

CJSC «Gazpromneft-Aero» started to operate in January 2008.

Main fields of activity are selling of aviation fuel, refined at oil refineries of JSC «Gazprom Neft» and exploitation of flight refuelling units in airports of Russian Federation.