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Construction of “Arena Omsk” moves into its active phase

A capsule has been laid at the construction site of the Arena Omsk hockey stadium, symbolising the start of the active phase of erecting the new HC Avangard ice complex. With work having started in June 2020, the laying of the capsule marks the end of initial (underground) construction works — the run-up to laying the foundation slab. Construction of this cutting-edge ice palace is expected to bring the development of modern hockey infrastructure in Omsk — which also includes the Avangard hockey academy and a network of open school ice rinks — to completion.

The Arena Omsk is the most important infrastructure project under the Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” corporate social responsibility programme, being implemented by the company throughout those locations in which it operates.

The concept behind the new arena reflects experience at the best modern sports facilities worldwide, and features a two-tier circular atrium with a high, sweeping outlook and powerful acoustics, a range of spectator activity areas, and a multimedia façade. The key idea for the architects of the future Arena Omsk was multifunctionality — the facility can be transformed to host events for various kinds of sports, as well as concerts and mass cultural events. Particular attention has been paid to developing a modern public and community space around the sports complex, for local residents.

Construction of the Arena Omsk is being undertaken as part of a public—private partnership between Gazprom Neft, the Government of the Russian Federation, and the Omsk Oblast local government. The new Arena Omsk will host the World Youth Hockey Championships in December 2022—January 2023.

“Gazprom Neft, as a major social investor in the Omsk Oblast, continues to develop sports infrastructure in the region. Completing construction of this high-tech and well-equipped complex will promote the development of a modern hockey cluster in Omsk, including a professional club, a spacious, cutting-edge arena, a children’s and youth academy, and a street sportsground network, already totalling 35 hockey rinks. That sort of systematic approach to developing hockey will ensure the sport’s popularity continues growing throughout the region, and will also help find and train talented players at the national and international levels.”
Alexander Dyukov
Alexander Dyukov Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft
“Hockey is more than just a sport. It has glorious traditions, culture, and enormous potential for nurturing our talented young people and, most importantly, children. For that reason, the Arena Omsk is not just a particular area of focus. For us, this project means being involved, as a partner, in creating modern infrastructure in the Omsk Oblast, and demonstrating that today, acting together, government, business partners, and leaders of federal government entities can and should do everything necessary to make sure our country can be proud of its sportsmen. This new project brings together and builds on the most modern technologies available in terms of comfort, accessibility and facilities. I hope we will be seeing the Omsk Arena opening to athletes and fans, alike, in the very near future.”
Oleg Matytsin
Oleg Matytsin Minister for Sport of the Russian Federation
Notes for editors

The new Arena Omsk is a six-storey building measuring 60,000 square metres and seating up to 12,000 spectators. The “spectator bowl” is in line with NHL standard design, with the steeply angled stands relative to the ice giving optimum visibility and powerful acoustics, enhancing the emotional impact of how matches are experienced.

The hockey rink is 60×26 metres in size, and meets all requirements of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). All digital equipment at the Arena Omsk will be organised in line with IIHF requirements for international-competition sports facilities.

The Arena Omsk is set to become the anchor facility in a new, modern system for training young hockey players. The Avangard Hockey Academy’s central sports complex opened in November 2019. Open ice hockey rinks, offering free sessions, are being opened at general schools throughout Omsk, supported by Gazprom Neft.