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Cooperation Agreement Signed between Gazprom Neft and Administration of Nadymskiy District of YaNAO

Cooperation Agreement 2010 was signed between Gazprom Neft and the Administration of Nadymskiy District of YaNAO. As part of the Agreement the Company will facilitate social, economic and cultural projects promoted within the district. In particular, the Agreement provides for funding of housing construction for the representatives of indigenous small peoples of the North in the district villages, and facilitation of festive events dedicated to the Reindeer Herder’s Day.

Similar agreements with municipal units of the autonomous region are traditional for the Company and are signed on an annual basis. Aside from assistance provided to the indigenous nations of the North, these agreements stipulate for implementation of numerous social projects of the municipal units including construction of sports and cultural facilities, procurement of medical equipment, repairs and maintenance of religious structures, children and youth sport support.

Within Nadymskiy Region, Gazprom Neft develops and operates three oil fields – Sugmutskoye, Romanovskoye and Meretoyakhinskoye. There are two functioning enterprises operating in the Region: Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz and Meretoyakhaneftegaz.

Agreements with municipal units are made for the purpose of both efficient fulfillment of the stipulations of license agreements and for the benefit of cooperation between the Company and local administrations. Gazprom Neft corresponds to a socially responsible company and facilitates social and economic progress within the territories of its presence.

Notes for editors

Nadymskiy District of YaNAO was founded on December 10, 1930 having its administrative centre in the village of Khe. The town of Nadym was established on March 9, 1972 having become the district centre from then on. Nadymskiy district includes three municipal units ranked as urban settlements: the town of Nadym, the township of Zapolyarniy, and the township of Pangody along with seven municipal units ranked as rural settlements, namely the village of Kutolyugan, the township of Longyugan, the village of Nyda, the village of Nori, the township of Pravokhettinskiy, the township of Priozyorniy, and the township of Yagelniy. As of January 1, 2009 the district’s resident population equaled 68.7 thousand people.