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“EcoInformer” air-quality and ecology data launched on Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery website

The Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery has announced the launch of a special information service, “EcoInformer”, as part of its official site, allowing Internet users to receive daily bulletins with objective information on environmental conditions and air quality at the refinery and within its environmental buffer zone. The EcoInformer facility provides data on six key indicators — carbon monoxide, C1—C10 hydrocarbons, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and benzene. Data are presented on a comparative basis, showing emissions levels on that day, in comparison with maximum allowable concentrations.

Moscow Oil Refinery

The Moscow Refinery has, already, had an automatic emissions monitoring system in place since 2013, data from which is available online through the MosEcoMonitoring Centre. Four monitoring points are currently in operation at the refinery, located at various emissions sites, with a further four due for connection in December 2014.

In addition to this, and consistent with ecological regulation, several air quality control systems are also in operation at the refinery, including two control points monitoring gas contamination within the environmental buffer zone, six control points relaying data to the plant’s own environmental laboratory, and five points within the plant’s production site. Monitoring of air quality within the plant’s production facilities is undertaken by the refinery’s gas rescue squad, with emissions monitoring handled by an independent laboratory.

Notes for editors

A subsidiary of JSC Gazprom Neft, the Moscow Refinery has a total annual production capacity of 12.15 million tonnes per year, producing automotive fuels (gasoline), diesel, marine and aviation fuels, heating oil, high-octane additives for automotive benzines, bitumens, and gases for various applications. The facility meets approximately 40 percent of local demand for oil products in the Moscow region.

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