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Energy supply system is being established at Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field

The transportation of six 13MW gas-turbine power units to the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field, for construction of a gas-turbine thermal power plant (GTPP), has now begun. The equipment is currently in Novy Urengoy, from where it will be transported (on winter roads) for installation on pre-prepared foundations.

The Messoyakhskoye field

The GTPP will be brought into operation in 2016, following construction of the turbine hall and all auxiliary equipment, to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to the Messoyakhskoye group of fields — the northernmost onshore fields in Russia, located in the Tazovsky district of the Yamalo-Nenetsk Autonomous Region, some distance from industrial infrastructure.

Particular attention is being paid to industrial safety in construction of the facility. Fire water storage tanks have already been installed, and a fire pumping station built.

Construction of the infrastructure necessary for the full development of the Messoyakhskoye fields is continuing. In particular, nine reservoirs (with a total capacity of 45,000 cubic metres) have been installed at the central gathering facility, for the treatment and storage of oil and water. Laying of the 100-kilometre oil pipeline which will connect the Messoyakhskoye fields with the “Zapolyarye Purpe” trunk pipeline system commenced in autumn 2014.

Construction of previously initiated facilities is expected to continue throughout 2015, as well as the commencement of full-scale production drilling, the installation of well pads, and construction of an oil gathering system, roads, and repair and maintenance facilities. Construction of administrative buildings (including shift accommodation for 760) is expected to begin concurrently with the building of production facilities.

Notes for editors

The Messoyakhskoye group of fields include the Vostochno (Eastern) and Zapadno (Western) Messoyakhskoye acreages. Licences for prospecting and development at both fields are held by Messoyakhaneftegaz, jointly owned by Rosneft and Gazprom Neft. Gazprom Neft is the operator on the project. The Messoyakha fields, first discovered in the 1980s, are located in the Gydan Peninsula, in the Tazovsky district of the Yamalo-Nenetsk Autonomous Region, 340 kilometres north of Novy Urengoy, in Russia’s Arctic zone — a region of considerably underdeveloped infrastructure. Proven C1 and C2 reserves indicate 480 million tonnes of oil and gas condensate. Results obtained from geological prospecting undertaken at the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field in 2014 saw recoverable C1 reserves increase by almost 50 million tonnes, to 204 million (an increase of 32 percent).

Pilot operations at Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye saw the first oil from this field produced in October 2012. Full-scale development of this asset will commence in late 2016.

Within Gazprom Neft, preparations to bring the Messoyakhskoye fields into production are being managed by the office of Messoyakha, part of Gazpromneft Razvitiye, responsible for the management of major projects on behalf of the parent company.

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