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First ever hydraulic fracturing on Yamal Peninsula conducted at Novoport field

Hydraulic fracturing was successfully conducted for the first time ever on the Yamal Peninsula at Novoport field. The operation was performed in a Jurassic sedimentation area characterized by a high complexity of its geologic structure.

Novoport field
Novoport field

A total of five hydraulic fracturing operations were performed at four wells, including single hydraulic fractures at vertical wells and a multistage hydraulic fracture on a horizontal well.

All of the wells were commissioned after the hydraulic fracturing was completed. The wells’ average daily aggregate flow rate exceeds predicted values by 2.5 times. All of the wells are operating in the primary recovery stage

Furthermore, drilling of the first of three planned wells at the second multi-well pad began at the field in April.

“We are planning to move forward substantially in our study of the geologic structure of Novoport field in 2013. Analysis of the results of the completed hydraulic fracturing operations and drilling which has begun at the second multi-well pad will help us understand Novoport’s production potential. We plan further to apply hydraulic fracturing techniques for the development of Jurassic sediments,” said Denis Kashapov, Executive Director of the Novy Port branch of Gazpromneft Razvitiye.

Notes for editors

Novoport field is the largest oil and gas condensate field being developed in the Yamal area. The categories C1 and C2 recoverable reserves at Novoport oil and gas condensate field exceed 230 million tons of oil and 270 billion cubic meters of gas.

Gazpromneft Razvitiye, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, runs Gazprom Neft’s major projects within Russia and abroad. The list of projects the company manages includes development of Novoport field, control over which was transferred to Gazprom Neft in late 2012.