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First Russian-developed enhanced oil recovery (EOR) modelling programme developed

The Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre has developed Russia’s first domestic digit al product for induced hydraulic fracture modelling in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), as part of a national consortium.

Initial estimates indicate this technology will increase accuracy in fracture (fissure) modelling in subsoil operations by 10 to 20 percent, resulting in a five-percent increase in hydrocarbon production from every well.

This project was undertaken by a consortium comprising the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Skoltech, St Petersburg Polytechnic University, and the Institute of Hydrodynamics, with the involvement of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. This digital product is designed to increase fracking efficiency at Gazprom Neft fields with hard-to-recover reserves, and will be made available to all Russian oil companies.

Hydraulic fracturing is used in wells to increase oil recovery. This is a complex operation, undertaken at depths of several kilometres, whereby artificial cracks are induced in oil-bearing strata. Oil flows faster through these cracks into the well, meaning low-permeability reserves can be brought into production. This new digital tool means specialists can achieve greater accuracy in the methods used in developing assets, extending the useful life of mature fields and increasing the viability of developing hard-to-recover oil and gas reserves.

Vadim Yakovlev, First Deputy CEO, Gazprom Neft, commented: “Digital solutions today form one of the solutions used in developing challenging reserves while controlling production costs. Together with our partners we have created Russia’s first fracking simulator, which is, in many ways, well in advance of tools currently available on the global market. The tool will promote the further development not just of our own company, but Russia’s entire oil and gas industry.”
Vadim Yakovlev
Vadim Yakovlev First Deputy CEO, Gazprom Neft

Gazprom Neft is developing innovative technologies for the viable development of “hard-to-recover” oil fields

Mars Khasanov, CEO of the Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre, stressed: “Digital tools are an objective necessity in oil production today. Processing massive volumes of data, cutting through routine operations, and modelling complex processes means we can produce oil where it would once not have been viable to do so. As the Russian oil and gas industry’s technological leader, Gazprom Neft is developing and implementing solutions that will be highly sought after by other companies.”
Mars Khasanov
Mars Khasanov CEO of the Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre