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First unmanned and cabless KAMAZ goods vehicle tested by Gazprom Neft

A prototype of the KAMAZ Group’s Chelnok (“Shuttle”) unmanned goods vehicle has been tested by Gazprom Neft: this Russian-made solution — a cabless, remote-controlled electric vehicle — having been evaluated outside the producer’s test facilities for the first time.

Testing took place at Gazprom Neft’s Logistics Innovation Centre, at its Moscow Refinery’s open-access logistics space, with specialists testing the operability of all of the prototype electric vehicle’s systems, under actual warehouse conditions.

The Chelnok’s autonomous operation is facilitated by special body-mounted sensors — light-radars and computer-vision cameras. Artificial intelligence (AI) means the electric vehicle can move along a road independently and on the same basis as other road-users (including pedestrians) without posing any risk to those around it. The unmanned vehicle has a high level of manoeuvrability thanks to its ability to pivot on both its front and rear axles. Added to which, it can be loaded from either side of the body. The Chelnok can transport loads of up to 10 tonnes, and can travel up to 50 kilometres without reloading.

Running on an electric engine, the Chelnok is also more environmentally friendly than diesel transport. Deploying this unmanned vehicle will increase inventory turnover, speeding up operations at production facilities, as well as cutting fuel and other costs, as a result.

“We have deployed dozens of digital technologies in transport and warehousing in recent years, robotising complex and routine warehousing operations and processes. We are now working proactively on deploying unmanned vehicles in freight transportation. In testing and fine-tuning prototypes, together with our partners, we will not only be able to scale-up successful projects throughout Gazprom Neft facilities, but, in the near future, also offer effective, user-ready solutions to the entire market.”
Dmitry Potapov Director General, Gazpromneft-Snabzheniye
“KAMAZ’ focus in expanding its product range is on key trends in machine building and engineering, and on developing products — with a wide range of capabilities — that customers need. We are delighted that unmanned KAMAZ vehicles — which only yesterday were considered somewhat unusual — are already in wide demand in ‘real’ industry sectors, and are helping develop our partners’ businesses. The Chelnok is just one of the unique unmanned-technology models KAMAZ specialists have been actively working on recently in developing smart transport systems. I have every confidence that — as legal regulation on using these kinds of vehicles on public roads develops — all of them will find some practical usage.”
Irek Gumerov Deputy CEO and Director, Business Development, KAMAZ PJSC