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G-Drive and G-Energy declared brands of the year

The G-Drive link open a new window premium fuel and G-Energy link open a new window premium-class motor oil brand names have been awarded the 2012 Effie Brand link open a new window of the Year award, which is given to the most successful projects for creating and promoting brand names in various product categories.

Gazprom Neft first introduced the G-Drive brand in 2010. The improved properties of the fuel allows an automobile to achieve higher power and better acceleration, and they also ensure professional engine protection. The G-Energy motor oil brand also appeared on the market in 2010. The G-Energy oils’ adaptive formula triggers necessary additives in keeping with the changing conditions of engine operation.

In 2012, new advertising campaigns launched for G-Drive fuel (entitled “The power of transformation”) and for G-Energy motor oils (entitled “Driven technologies”). Both campaigns are based on a motor sports concept. In particular, this is connected with Gazprom Neft’s international projects aimed at supporting motor sports and Russian athletes who participate in internationally renowned racing series.

Video: Gazpromneft gas station network: G-Drive

Notes for editors

G-DRIVE is a next-generation fuel sold at Gazpromneft network automotive fueling stations. G-Drive contains an active complex of additives that raise the engine’s efficiency, increase power, and improve the automobile’s acceleration. The main advantages of Gazprom Neft’s premium fuel include an increase in engine power of up to 12 percent, an improvement in automobile acceleration by up to 1.8 seconds, and professional protection for the engine’s fuel system.

G-ENERGY is a premium motor oil brand. Its line includes synthetic and semi-synthetic products that meet the requirements of the world’s leading auto manufacturers. Lubricants designed for the most advanced passenger automobiles, including energy-efficient oils and motor sports oils, are produced under the G-Energy brand name. G-Energy products are produced at the Gazpromneft Lubricants European production site in Bari, Italy.

The EFFIE BRAND OF THE YEAR is an annual award for the most successful projects in the field of brand name creation and promotion. The Brand of the Year Russian national prize for brand name building belongs to the Effie international system, the most authoritative international award for marketing and communications projects conducted in 33 countries of the world. The Effie Brand of the Year award rates projects implemented on the Russian market according to requirements applied to marketing strategies throughout the world. The Effie award is given for the year’s greatest achievement in the sphere of advertising and marketing communications. In 2011, the Effie Brand of the Year award went to the Gazpromneft gas station network.