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G-Energy motor oils to undergo testing at the 2019 Dakar Rally

The legendary multi-day “Dakar-2019” marathon rally will be taking place from 6 through 17 January 2019. Sports trucks and off-road vehicles will be using lubricants produced by Gazprom Neft for the entire duration of the rally, as will MAZ-SPORTavto and G-Energy Team technical support vehicles.

The oils’ performance under extreme racing conditions will be verified by engineers from Gazpromneft-Lubricants, with oil samples being taken during servicing stops at Dakar-2019 bivouacs for detailed analysis at a specialist mobile laboratory. Using unique high-tech equipment lubricants will be tested for performance levels, contamination levels, changes in viscosity—density ratings, and changes in lubricant film thickness on engine and moving parts. In addition to this, samples of the lubricants used will be forwarded to independent research centres for more detailed investigations, and recommendations put forward on improving formulations and developing new products, following testing.

Dakar-2019 is the 41st marathon rally, running to a total length of 5,000 kilometres, three kilometres of which contestants complete in combat mode. Seventy percent of the distance covers Peruvian sands and dunes. The Dakar is one of the most extreme rallies, bringing together the best racers on the planet. Three hundred and 34 combat teams, from 61 countries have been confirmed for 2019: 167 motorbikes and quad bikes, 126 off-road vehicles and buggies, and 41 trucks.