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  • G-Energy Oil Canister Wins Prestigious GOOD DESIGN Award of Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design

G-Energy Oil Canister Wins Prestigious GOOD DESIGN Award of Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design

G-Energy Oil
G-Energy Oil
G-Energy Oil
G-Energy Oil

Developed by ItalDesign Guigiaro, the design of G-Energy oil canister picked up a prestigious 2010 GOOD DESIGNTM award conferred annually by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. By the competent jury's estimate, the G-Energy canister joined the top product designs of 2010.

Founded in 1950, 2010 GOOD DESIGNTM is the oldest and the most recognized world award in architecture and design. In 2010, a record number of submissions were received by the Chicago Athenaeum from the leading companies of 48 countries worldwide.

All award winners including the G-Energy product samples will be exhibited at the Chicago Athenaeum in the GOOD DESIGN Show for 2010 to be held in Chicago in June 2011. In the short term, all winning designs and competitors for GOOD DESIGN 2010 can be viewed at the Museum's web-site.

In April 2010, Gazprom Neft introduced a new premium motor oil brand G-Energy to the international market. The brand presentation was held in Turin (Italy) in the offices of Italdesign-Giugiaro, an industrial design leader who developed the brand's visual concept. The sales of G-Energy products launched in Russia and in Europe at the same time.

The brand product line includes synthetic and semisynthetic motor oils that meet the requirements of the world automobile manufacturers. G-Energy brand covers products designed for present-day European, American and Japanese cars and commercial vehicles. Currently, G-Energy product range comprises over 40 names of oil.

G-Energy enters into the new G-Family of lubes produced by Gazpromneft-Lubricants. In addition to car motor oils, G-Family includes a line of motor oils for commercial vehicles (G-Profi), a line of transmission oils for both cars and commercial vehicles (G-Box and G-Truck), lines of oils for small engines (G-Motion and G-Wave), and a number of other specialized products.

G-Energy motor oils are produced at the European Gazpromneft-Lubricants production facility in Bari (Italy). The factory in Bari represents an advanced hi-tech facility capable to yield 30 thousand tons of motor oil and 6 thousand tons of viscous lubricants per year. High-precision low-tonnage blending allows producing over 100 various products designated for all sectors of the lubricants market.

In September 2010, a scale advertizing campaign for G-Energy motor oils was launched in Russia with a famous English actor Jason Statham personifying the brand.