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G-Energy sponsors Russian Rally Raid Championship and Russian Cup for 2014

Gazpromneft Lubricants, the JSC Gazprom Neft subsidiary that produces and sells oils, has entered into an agreement with the Inter-Regional Rally Raid Association under which the G-Energy brand of premium motor oils will be the official partner for the Russian Rally Raid Championship and the Russian Cup.

Gazpromneft Lubricants’ involvement in this project is part of a program to develop motorsports in Russia. G-Energy will be the partner for all stages of the competitions in 2014.

Commenting on the arrangement, Alexander Trukhan, CEO of Gazpromneft Lubricants said: “The testing of G-Energy premium motor oils under extreme conditions has been an important element of our motorsports projects right from the outset in 2011. The complexity and variety of rally raid tracks are ideal for testing the qualities of the motor oils. Supporting the Russian teams in this sport, which has only come to our country relatively recently, will allow us to continue to test G-Energy products. The adaptive technology of these products represents a unique advantage in comparison with other brands.”

Rally raids attract large audiences because they are open to both professional drivers and newcomers, and because they are great entertainment. The best Russian and international competitors participate in the Russian Championship and the Russian Cup, and both events attract tens of thousands of spectators each year.

The technical aspects of the partnership with the rally raid organizers allow the company to receive rapid product feedback from the professionals. Supporting the G-Force Motorsport rally team at the 2013 World Cup proved the effectiveness of this partnership. G-Energy Racing motor oils for all types of racing and other high-performance engines were created on the basis of the results of this event. Further collaboration with auto racing professionals will allow the characteristics of these motor oils to be improved still further. The oils are suitable for use in extreme conditions, under intense load, and for extended periods of time.

The next stages of the Russian Championship and the Russian Cup will be held on tracks in the Crimea, Astrakhan, Belarus, and Latvia.

Notes for editors

Gazpromneft Lubricants is a subsidiary of JSC Gazprom Neft specializing in the production and sale of oils, lubricants, and other service fluids. Gazpromneft Lubricants was founded in November 2007. It has five production facilities, located in Russia, Italy, and Serbia. A total of 450,000 metric tons of high-quality oils, lubricants, and service fluids are produced each year.

Between 2012 and 2013, the company significantly expanded its range, launching 35 new premium products onto the market. Collaboration with leading auto manufacturers and trucking companies allows Gazpromneft Lubricants to perfect the formulas of its oils and to develop new products. Currently, the company’s portfolio includes oils for the gasoline and diesel engines of passenger vehicles and trucks, transmission and hydraulic oils, industrial oils, service products, and coolants sold under the G-Family and Gazpromneft brands. In 2013, the company launched a consumer brand of Gazpromneft oils.

Gazpromneft Lubricants’ management system and production assets comply with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The company supplies products to Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok, the Avtotor group (for General Motors vehicles), KAMAZ, and GAZ. In 2013, it signed a strategic agreement with the Chinese automaker LIFAN to supply G-Family brand products to its assembly lines in Russia (Cherkessk) and its Russian dealership network (150 service centers). Gazpromneft’s industrial products are used by major manufacturing enterprises in Russia, such as Severstal, Sibur, Gazprom, EVRAZ, and Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. In 2013, it began to supply products to Apatit, Russian Coal, and Polyus Gold International, as well as to Belarus-based BelAZ, Minsk Automobile Plant, Minsk Tractor Works, and the Byelorussian Steel Works.

The company’s product range includes a total of 500 types of oils and lubricants for all sectors of the market (more than 1,000 products). The retail distribution network includes more than 6,000 retail outlets and 1,900 service stations.

Gazpromneft Lubricants controls 14% of the Russian lubricants market. It also operates in southern Europe, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia. In 2013, the company increased its overseas presence to 42 countries. It started to supply products to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Afghanistan, the Dominican Republic, and Hungary.

G—Energy is JSC Gazprom Neft’s premium brand of motor oils. G-Energy motor oils are designed for the very latest European, American, and Japanese passenger vehicles. The unique adaptive technology used in G—Energy motor oil provides enhanced performance characteristics depending on how the engine is used by activating the necessary additives as needed. Products are manufactured at Gazpromneft Lubricants’ factories in Bari, Italy. In 2013, Gazpromneft Lubricants developed the G-Energy Racing motor oil which is a special product line for all types of racing engines. G-Energy Racing motor oils provide maximum protection against engine wear and efficiently guard engine parts against the formation of deposits. They maintain their performance characteristics even under the peak load conditions that are typical for racing.