Gas Fraction Plant of Omsk NPZ Takes a New Lease of Life according to the Schedule

Gas fraction plant (GFU-2) of Omsk NPZ, on which there was an accident on September 20, on October 19 was put into normal technological operating mode. On coincidence of circumstances, the fire on the plant occurred during its preparation for scheduled repair; therefore the equipment has not practically suffered. Repair went under earlier approved plan and was completed strictly under the schedule - on October 17.

During the repair scheduled work on replacement and repair of the internal equipment of the plant was carried out, its diagnosing is held, columns and containers were cleaned and steamed, the fray of pipelines are renewed.

GFU-2 provides the plant 25/12 of sulfuric acid alkylation complex with a raw component – isobutane, develops isopentane (a component for production of top-brucket gasolines), and technical propane, automobile propane, technical butane, normal butane, compression gasoline, dry gas.