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Gazprom Neft achieves full ISO 50001 energy management certification

Gazprom Neft’s upstream division has successfully completed its implementation of an energy management system, having now been certified as fully compliant with ISO 50001:2011 standards (GOST R ISO 50001:2012 under equivalent Russian certification). This certification confirms the full compliance of the company’s equipment and procedures with international best practice in energy efficiency and cost optimisation.

Energy consumption is a key item of expenditure for oil and gas production companies. Which is why Gazprom Neft and its subsidiaries have, since 2013, been implementing an energy management system to reduce outgoings and production costs. Implementing the latest production management tools means the company can make optimum use of international and domestic best practice in resources management — something of particular pertinence to enterprises in which energy accounts for more than 50 percent of total costs.

Analysis of production processes, undertaken in accordance with ISO 50001, has resulted in the implementation of an energy management system allowing electricity consumption at the company’s upstream division to be reduced by four billion kilowatt hours (kW·h) per year by 2025: the financial benefits of better resources management, moreover, (and lower power consumption, specifically) having reached RUB500 million in 2015.

A standing committee on energy efficiency has been established within Gazprom Neft’s upstream division, involving representatives from the company’s various business units and subsidiaries. An internal audit of the company’s compliance with ISO 50001 will be undertaken every year.

Vadim Yakovlev, Gazprom Neft First Deputy CEO, commented: “Implementing uniform standards throughout Gazprom Neft has given us the opportunity not just to improve energy efficiency but also to significantly improve financial performance by optimising our usage of all consumable resources. Getting international certification, moreover, further enhances Gazprom Neft’s reputation and its continued successful development.”