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Gazprom Neft acquires mobile environmental laboratory for the Omsk Oblast

Gazprom Neft Deputy CEO Alexander Dybal and the acting Governor of the Omsk Oblast, Alexander Burkov, have discussed issues relating to the development of environmental monitoring in the region. At the request of the Governor, Gazprom Neft is to give the regional government a cutting-edge mobile environmental laboratory, to begin work in March 2018. The new laboratory — which cost RUB21 million — is equipped with systems designed to expose atmospheric pollutants including hydrogen sulphide, methane, nitric oxide, and others. Its technological equipment includes seven automatic gas analysers, an automated meteorological station, and equipment to measure urban noise levels. Computer equipment installed at the laboratory can automatically transmit data to remote users via a digital channel, ensuring the timely processing of results and the transmission of data to regulatory authorities. All equipment has the appropriate state certification, with the minibus housing the laboratory adapted to operate under extreme climatic conditions. The technical specifications of the mobile laboratory mean it can operate throughout the entire territory of the Omsk Oblast.

Alexander Burkov commented: “The mobile laboratory that Gazprom Neft is giving the Omsk Oblast will allow the establishment of a cutting-edge air quality monitoring system, allowing the monitoring of both industrial enterprises and streets, in real time. The regional government will, in turn, establish a high-technology centre for real-time monitoring of air quality, making possible the ongoing monitoring of the urban environment. We’ll be allocating additional funding for this.”

Gazprom Neft Deputy CEO Alexander Dybal emphasised: “Gazprom Neft adheres to the principle of transparency in its industrial activities, and is a national leader in implementing cutting-edge environmental technologies at its refining facilities. We are committed to supporting the Oblast Government in establishing an effective high-technology system of environmental monitoring, going forward, which will allow the level and impact of various industrial facilities on the environmental situation to be determined quickly, and, where necessary, sources of pollution identified.”

Notes for editors

In 2008 one of the most significant environmental modernisation programmes of all Russia’s refineries was initiated at the Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery. The first phase (2008 — 2015) saw the construction and reconstruction of key technological complexes, allowing the Omsk Refinery to make the full transition to producing Euro-5 motor fuels, significantly improving energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in production. Thanks to the implementation of the modernisation programme at the Omsk Refinery, the environmental impacts of production have been reduced by 36 percent, despite refining volumes increasing by a third.

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