Gazprom Neft and Administration of Muravlenko Municipal Unit Signed the Socio-economic Cooperation Agreement

Gazprom Neft and administration of Muravlenko municipal unit on October 27 signed the socio-economic cooperation agreement.

From Gazprom Neft the agreement was signed by Vice President Leonid Reznikov, and from administration of the city of Muravlenko – by the head of the municipal unit Vasily Bykovsky.

According to the social agreement, thirty three hostels located in Muravlenko and belonging to oilmen are transferred on the balance of municipality. Gazprom Neft shall render assistance in maintenance of these buildings for two years.

Leonid Reznikov emphasized that in the future, according to the social policy, other opportunities of moving employees of Noyabrskneftegaz will be considered.

Besides the agreement provides for the social help to the city of Muravlenko in the amount of 35 million rubles in 2006 and 45 million rubles in 2007

Leonid Reznikov also declared that a new sports complex will be constructed in Muravlenko under "Gazprom - to children" Program.

After signing of the agreement, Gazprom Neft representatives held a working meeting on realization of civil-engineering design of Sugmut gas turbine plant, under which Energoauditcontrol acts as the contractor. During the meeting final terms of designing, and check points of the work allowing to monitor financing and execution of obligations were set.

Estimating the results of a business trip to Muravlenko, the Vice President stated that it was constructive.