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Gazprom Neft and IKS Holding to develop digital projects for industrial enterprises

Press-release Digitalisation Partnership

6 June 2019 — 6 June 2019 — Gazprom Neft and IKS Holding have entered into a preliminary agreement to establish a joint venture, which will facilitate oil industry’s access to the digital transformation technology market. The agreement was signed by Andrei Belevtsev, Chief Digital Transformation Officer of Gazprom Neft, and Igor Gorkov, Chief Executive Officer of Peter-Service PJSC (part of IKS Holding, operating under the Nexign brand) at this year’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum. Anton Cherepennikov, the Chief Executive Officer of IKS Holding has also participated in the signing ceremony.

The Companies will cooperate in developing solutions to address industry challenges with application of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data-processing algorithms to support the management decision making process. Gazprom Neft and IKS-Holding will focus, in particular, on developing new cooperation networks with B2B clients and partners, as well as software systems for evaluating businesses’ investment decisions and logistics automation systems.

Nexign (Peter‑Service), the subsidiary of IKS Holding will represent it in the joint venture by. In addition, IKS’s other IT subsidiaries will also take part in the project, with their technological expertise providing comprehensive support for new developments and supporting the integration of these into the companies’ business processes.

The completion of the transaction is anticipated in Q3 2019. The joint venture will be focussing on both domestic and international markets and is expected to reach 600 IT and engineering specialists. Gazprom Neft and IKS are expected to have equal participation in the joint venture.

Andrei Belevtsev, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Gazprom Neft commented: “Together with our new partners we will focus on developing highly relevant digital solutions, scalable for the entire industry. This joint venture will ensure the monetisation of the technological value add created by our specialists through their unique expertise in the field of digital transformation of major industrial assets.”
Andrei Belevtsev
Andrei Belevtsev Chief Digital Transformation Officer
Anton Cherepennikov, Chief Executive Officer, IKS Holding, noted: “The primary objective of our partnership with Gazprom Neft is to digitally transform the entire industry, develop and implement effective solutions which will help optimise production and reduce costs. There aren’t many experienced IT companies on the market that are ready to implement such large-scale projects. Our team has unique expertise and in-house methodology, extensive experience in technologies and processes, and is therefore well placed to implement joint projects with companies such as Gazprom Neft.”
Anton Cherepennikov Chief Executive Officer, IKS Holding
Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft PJSC is a vertically integrated oil company, primarily involved in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, and the production and sale of oil products. Gazprom Neft’s corporate structure comprises more than 70 production, refining and sales subsidiaries throughout Russia, the CIS, and abroad.

Gazprom Neft is one of the world’s Top-10 public companies by proven liquid hydrocarbon reserves, and a global leader in its rapidity in reserves replacement. In terms of production and refining volumes it stands among the top three largest companies in Russia. Total production in 2018 reached 92.9 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe), with refining volumes of 42.9 million tonnes.

Net profit at Gazprom Neft reached RUB376.7 billion in 2018, a 49-percent increase on 2017. The company is a market leader in terms of both financial growth and various efficiency metrics, including its internal rate of return (IRR).

The company’s majority shareholder is Gazprom PJSC (95.68 percent), with the remaining shares in free circulation.

IKS Holding LLC is a Russian multidisciplinary IT organisation, primarily involved in investments, management and consolidation in the media—telecoms and technology markets. IKS Holding represents an integrated ecosystem comprising 23 IT companies including Tsitadel, Forpost, the KNS Group LLC (YADRO), Kryptonite and Peter-Service PJSC (Nexign).

The company’s total employee headcount is 6,500. The business covers all of Russia’s regions, as well as a number of countries in the CIS and abroad.

The company’s key areas of activity include digital transformation for major corporations, information security, data storage systems, Big Data, developing and implementing support systems for mobile operators, cryptography and quantum computing, machine learning and neural networks, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI).