Gazprom Neft announces its third “Developing Talent” competition

1 September 2017 marks the launch of the third “Developing Talent” competition from Gazprom Neft — an intellectual tournament focussed on the oil and gas industry, for high school students in those regions in which the company operates.

The tournament has gained an academic partner in 2017 — the Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University (Polytech). Cooperation with this specialist university will allow tournament finalists in the senior section to gain additional points in the Uniform State Examination (the standard university pre-entrance examination in Russia) on applying to specialist technical departments at Polytech.

Mars Khasanov, Head of Gazprom Neft’s Science and Technology Centre, commented: “I am delighted that interest in engineering education is on the uptick in our country, and hope that our tournament will help talented children decide on their future profession. In just a few years, gifted physicists, mathematicians and geologists will begin to emerge from among today’s students, who will be making no small number of new discoveries.”

Students will be faced with scientific research on current problems facing the oil and gas industry. Whereas the competitive task in the two previous competitions was focussed solely on producing oil, young researchers will now also be faced with finding new ways of processing it. Participants will then be faced with defending their ideas before representatives from both industry and academia.

Participation in the tournament is traditionally open to high school students from St Petersburg, Moscow, Tyumen, Noyabrsk, Muravlenko, Khanty-Mansiysk, Tomsk, and the Yamal Peninsula — from the communities of Cape Kammeny and Novy Port. This year will also see young people from Orenburg and Omsk pitting their wits against Gazprom Neft’s intellectual competition.

Information on the competition can be found on the official webpage or via the official group on VKontakte, which includes discussions on assignments from previous years, typical mistakes, participant interviews (with advice on making it to the final), as well as information on Gazprom Neft, and on the oil and gas industry in general.

Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft, as one of Russia’s oil and gas industry leaders, is committed to working towards high-technology production solutions, and is involved in training specialists in a wide range of areas — including geologists, mathematicians, physicists, chemists, and many others able to provide analytical, methodological, scientific and technical support for exploration, production and oil refining operations.

The Developing Talent tournament is held as part of the Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. The competition’s format, developed in line with current international best practice, is intended to develop high school students’ research skills, and heighten their interest in the profession.

The format of the competition, again developed in line with current international best practice, is a personal and team competition for students at general and specialist high schools, aged 14 to 18, able to resolve complex research challenges in the oil and gas industry, present their solutions convincingly, and defend them in scientific discussions.

Applications are traditionally accepted from Russia’s “Day of Knowledge” on 1 September, until early October. Registered participants will then form teams of three people and will receive a research assignment on oil extraction or refining. Following assessments of work submitted, experts from Gazprom Neft’s Science and Technology Centre will select two teams from each region to take part in the final.

The teams behind the best and most interesting projects will meet in St Petersburg during the autumn break, where they will present their solutions to experts in person, visit the Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre, take part in training sessions to develop their teamworking and presentational skills, and visit St Petersburg’s leading specialist higher educational institutions — as well as getting to know other interested and talented young people from other regions.

The Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme is directed at improving quality of life in those cities in which the company operates, and improving residents’ access to high-quality urban environments, education and culture. The company’s CSR programme is built into the company’s Development Strategy, a core element of which concerns the integrated development of those territories in which it operates.