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Gazprom Neft approves Omsk Refinery Investment Program 2012

Omsk RefineryOmsk Refinery management approved mid-term 2012 investment program totaling 14.4 bln rubles. The key investment activities in 2012 include development of design and budget documentation for industrial facilities that are expected to be built and upgraded under the Omsk Refinery Development Program until 2020.

One of the major projects within the 2012 investment program is the startup of diesel and catalytic gasoline hydrotreatment plant. Construction of the unit began in 2010, and it is designed to produce grade 4 and 5 diesel fuel and gasoline. Design capacity of the catalytic gasoline hydrotreatment unit is 1.2 mln TPA and that of the diesel fuel hydrotreatment unit is 3 mln TPA. Once the unit is commissioned, the company expects a major upturn in the quality of motor fuels, which will benefit car engine performance and reduce adverse environmental effects of fuels.

Gazprom Neft will invest over 115 bln rubles in Omsk Refinery until 2020. The key activities in this long-term 2020 investment program include improvement of environmental properties of motor fuels, increase in processing depth, diversification of the range of high-octane gasolines, diesel fuels, coke, advanced bitumen materials, and petrochemicals.

The long-term investment program at Omsk Refinery calls for an upgrade of six existing and startup of eight new production facilities, to include the following new process units: high-octane gasoline components unit producing TAME (tert-amyl methyl ether) and MTBE (methyl-tert-butyl ether) (2014-2015), atmospheric vacuum distillation units with gas condensate treatment system capable of processing 1.2 mln TPA, delayed coking unit (2017), as well as hydrocracking plant that will include sulphur unit, hydrogen unit, and other facilities (2019).

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Gazpromneft-ONPZ is one of the best outfitted refineries in Russia. The refinery processed a total of 19.95 mln tons of crude oil in 2011 with the processing depth of 84.05%, which is one of the highest in the industry. In spring 2011, Omsk Refinery started producing grade 4 gasolines, and later in summer, the plant launched production of Super Euro-98, which is grade 5 gasoline.