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Gazprom Neft awards scholarships and stipends to the best young maths students at St Petersburg State University

A formal ceremony for the presentation of scholarships and Gazprom Neft-sponsored awards has taken place at St Petersburg State University, together with the founding companies and higher educational establishments involved in the “Mathematical Progression” project. Taking part in the ceremony were Pro-Rector of St Petersburg State University Alexei Zavarzin, member of the Gazprom Neft management board Alexander Dybal, and Head of the Chebyshev Laboratory and Fields Prize winner Stanislav Smirnov.

The ceremony saw 39 awards made to student mathematicians at St Petersburg State University, as well as three awards to young academics for achievements in research. Opening the event, Stanislav Smirnov, Head of the Chebyshev Laboratory, pointed out the importance of business support to the university system, worldwide.

«Over the course of six years’ work our laboratory has become one of the main centres for the development of mathematical science in St Petersburg. The research we are undertaking is attracting young academics, and our new educational programmes are attracting talented school-leavers from across the entire country. Gazprom Neft supports the laboratory in all its endeavours, and it strikes me as extremely important that a major business organisation should invest in science — in fact, in the future of our country».
Stanislav Smirnov Head of the Chebyshev Laboratory
«Gazprom Neft relocated from Moscow to St. Petersburg almost four years ago — something that has given the city not just investment, tax revenues and job opportunities, but also additional opportunities for development as science and technology hub. Naturally, we make it a priority to support those higher education faculties and specialisms related to subsoil resources management and refining. But, at the same time, we understand the importance of the basic sciences and, for that reason, have, for several years now, partnered the Chebyshev Laboratory in developing the Mathematical Progression project in creating the optimum environment for young Russians to study and engage in research activities in theoretical mathematics as part of our ‘Home Towns’ corporate social responsibility programme».
Alexander Dybal
Alexander Dybal Member of the Gazprom Neft Management Board
«The Gazprom Neft ‘Home Towns’ programme is an example of the practical implementation of the principles behind corporate social responsibility. This project, however, is also evidence of the ‘practical approach’. The results of basic research undertaken by maths researchers at St Petersburg State University are translated into projects undertaken by the university’s academics by order of the university’s partner organisations. Such an opportunity to combine theory and practice engages major companies, making their long-term collaboration with the university interesting for both parties».
Alexei Zavarzin St. Petersburg State University Press Secretary

Gazprom Neft has supported the Chebyshev Laboratory (named for the famous mathematician P.L. Chebyshev) as part of its long-term collaboration with St Petersburg State University since 2013. The company finances the secondment of Russian students and the centre’s scholars abroad, as well as conducting seminars and conferences through the Chebyshev Laboratory. Funds are also allocated for the award of stipends to outstanding undergraduate students in mathematics and computing (IT).

Notes for editors

St Petersburg State University School of Mathematics

St Petersburg State University School of Mathematics The interdisciplinary Chebyshev Laboratory, the Theodosius Dobzhansky Centre for Genome Bioinformatics, the Centre of Game Theory, the St Petersburg State University Computer Centre and others have all been founded — and continue to flourish — at St Petersburg State University. Notable mathematics alumni include Mikhail Gromov, Leonid Kantorovich, Grigory Perelman, and Stanislav Smirnov.

The Chebyshev Laboratory at St Petersburg State University , was established in 2010 as part of a Russian Government programme directed at the development of key areas in mathematical research, as well as supporting young academics. More than 300 courses and seminars have been held through the centre since 2010, as well as more than 20 scientific schools and conferences, and more than 150 visits from leading international scientists and academics. The centre has also published more than 53 scientific works, and two monographs.

The “Mathematical Progression” initiative is a joint educational initiative from Gazprom Neft together with St Petersburg State University, implemented through the Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” corporate social responsibility (CSR) project. The key aim of this comprehensive project is to engage mathematically talented children from the regions in studying at the country’s leading higher educational establishments, as well as supporting young academics and their research in applied and theoretical mathematics. Scholarship recipients are identified annually through a committee comprising members of the Chebyshev Laboratory and associate members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The “Home Towns” project  — The Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” project brings together the company’s various CSR initiatives and projects throughout those regions in which the company has a presence. The programme is directed at establishing infrastructure to support children’s and public sports facilities, as well as initiatives in education, health, and in supporting the cultural potential of the indigenous minorities of Northern Russia.