Gazprom Neft begins construction of a deep conversion complex at the Pančevo Refinery, Serbia

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NIS (Naftna Industrija Srbije, 56-percent owned by Gazprom Neft), has begun the construction of a new deep conversion complex (DCC) involving delayed coking technology at its Pančevo Refinery, Serbia. The construction project was officially launched by the President of Serbia, Alexander Vučić, and Alexander Dyukov, CEO of Gazprom Neft.

The project is a key part of the second phase of a major programme which Gazprom Neft has been executing since 2009 to modernise the refining capacity at NIS. Total investment in this new project exceeds €300 million, making it currently the largest investment project in Serbia. The project is expected to be completed in 2019.

The construction project was officially launched by the President of Serbia, Alexander Vučić, and Alexander Dyukov, CEO of Gazprom Neft

With capacity of 2,000 tonnes per day, commissioning the facility will allow conversion rate — a key indicator of a refinery’s operational efficiency — to reach 99.2 percent. Moreover, the refinery’s production of high-quality diesel fuel will increase by more than 38 percent. As part of this project, NIS will commence production of petroleum coke (“pet coke”) which is currently not produced in Serbia. Once the complex becomes operational, the refinery will cease the production of high-sulphur fuel oil (mazut), which will result not only in improved environmental performance, but will also enable Serbia to meet its international obligations in limiting the use of high-sulphur fuels.

The Pančevo oil refinery

Alexander Dyukov, CEO of Gazprom Neft, commented: “The commissioning of this production complex at the Pančevo oil refinery will make it possible to achieve a record conversion rate of more than 99 percent. By introducing cutting-edge technological solutions, Gazprom Neft is striving to bring the group’s refineries up to the highest standards globally in terms of conversion rate, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Modernising the oil refining complex is a key strategic objective for us, on the successful implementation of which the overall efficiency of our business largely depends. Under the unstable conditions of today’s energy market, this is becoming a key factor in competitiveness.”

Notes for editors

“Deep conversion” is the key project of the second stage of the Pančevo refinery modernisation programme, which involves both the construction of new — and the reconstruction of existing — capacity.

The key project for the first stage involved the construction of a light MHT/DHT hydrocracking and hydrotreating complex, the commissioning of which in 2012 allowed the plant to commence production of Euro-5 fuel. Gazprom Neft’s investment in the first stage of modernising the Pančevo refinery was in excess of €540 million.

Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) is one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in south—east Europe. Its principal activities include exploration, production and refining, and the production and sale of a wide range of petroleum products, as well as the implementation of energy projects. The company’s main shareholders are Gazpromneft (56.15 percent) and the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

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