Gazprom Neft begins preparation of heavy engineering equipment for a new combined refining unit at its Moscow Refinery

Preparation of column equipment has begun at the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery, part of its construction of a Euro+ combined oil refining unit (CORU). Vacuum and atmospheric distillation columns for the Euro+ facility are being produced by Russia’s AEM-Technology (part of the machine-building division of state company ROSATOM — Atomenergomash). Water-borne transportation of the columns is expected to begin in summer 2016.


The vacuum column, being prepared for the Moscow Refinery by the Volgograd branch of AEM-Technology, has a diameter of 11 metres, is more than 45 metres long, and weighs 460 tonnes. Work is currently ongoing on parts of the body of the column, and welding of the sectioned bottom plate. The largest components of the column will be shipped from special berthing facilities. The atmospheric column is also a major piece of equipment, with a length of more than 66 metres, an internal diameter of 6.5 metres, and a weight of 325 tonnes.

The Euro+ CORU, to be installed at the Moscow Refinery as part of a major modernisation programme, is intended for primary (crude) oil distillation, the production of Euro-5 high-octane gasolines and diesel fuels, as well as vacuum gasoil (VGO). The commissioning of the Euro+ facility will increase refining volumes at the Moscow Refinery to 12 million tonnes per year. Construction of the new complex will allow greater energy efficiency at the plant, reduce environmental impacts, increase mean time before failures from two to four years, and optimise available production floor space, through the decommissioning of outdated equipment.

Anatoly Cherner, Deputy CEO for Logistics, Processing and Sales, Gazprom Neft, commented: “We see considerable potential in collaborating with Russian producers of specialist refining equipment, able to provide us with high-quality and competitive domestic alternatives to Western products in the modernisation of our refining facilities.”