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Gazprom Neft bitumen materials used in major St Petersburg road-building projects for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials, operator of the Gazprom Neft bitumens business, is actively involved in major highways infrastructure projects in St Petersburg, with the company producing and supplying polymer—bitumen binders (PBBs) and bridging tapes for the construction and refurbishment of major roads for the forthcoming FIFA 2018 World Cup.

Facilities at which Gazprom Neft bitumen products have been used include Nevsky Prospect and other city-centre streets, approaches to the St Petersburg Stadium, a transport intersection on the Makarov Embankment, the Betancourt Bridge (across the Malaya Neva river near Serny Island), as well as roads to World Cup teams training bases.

A Gazprom Neft PBB has been used as the main binding component in order to increase the durability of the asphalt — the formulation for this cutting-edge modified binder having been developed at the Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials Science and Technology Centre, in line with the unique climatic conditions and traffic-loads of the North—West region, making it possible to improve the properties of the asphalt road covering under high and low temperatures, enhancing its wear resistance and extending its useful life.

Dmitry Orlov, CEO, Gazprom Neft Bitumen Materials, commented: “A wide range of advanced bitumen products, R&D resources and many years’ experience have allowed us to become actively involved in the most important and ambitious projects in developing St Petersburg’s road and transport infrastructure. Roads built with Gazprom Neft’s innovative bitumen products in no way fall short of Europe’s, in terms of both the quality and durability of road coverings, and in terms of safety.”

Gazprom Neft’s bitumen materials have been used in the building and reconstruction of the most important road infrastructure facilities in St Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast — including the St Petersburg Ring Road, the Western High-Speed Diameter, the Dunaisky Prospect interchange and more — for many years, with extensive supplies of innovative products being delivered from the company’s Ryazan bitumens plant, Moscow Refinery and NOVA-BRIT factory.

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