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Gazprom Neft completes its modernisation of the electricity network around its Badra field, Iraq

Gazprom Neft, operator of  the Badra field, Iraq, has completed its modernisation of power networks in surrounding districts, with Gazpromneft-Badra, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, having been constructing new electricity transmission lines in the city of Badra as well as the Zurbatiyah and Jassan settlements and their surrounding areas throughout 2015 and 2016.


Work on the electrification of the Badra district has involved the installation of 59 transformers, 2,800 electricity pylons, 580 lamp posts, and more than 200 kilometres of aluminium conductors and suspension cables. According to data from the Wasit Province power supply authority, this is the most significant electricity reconstruction project ever undertaken in the province, with the Badra district and its surrounding neighbourhoods now enjoying the best electricity infrastructure in the region.

Gazpromneft-Badra’s development programme for the Badra field has involved the implementation of a major project for the development of the surrounding territory. In particular, following the commissioning of a complex gas treatment facility, most marketable output will be delivered by pipeline to the Al-Zubaidiya power plant 100 kilometres south—east of Baghdad — significantly increasing energy production in Iraq and playing a major role in ensuring stable electricity supplies to several provinces throughout the country. In addition to which, dry feed gas will be used to supply the field’s own gas-turbine power plant (GTPP), meeting all electricity consumption at the Gazprom Neft Badra residential complex and ensuring uninterrupted power supplies to the city of Badra and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

Gazpromneft-Badra has also been implementing a range of major social initiatives in the Wasit Province throughout 2015 and 2016, undertaking refurbishment of the Badra city hospital and installing modern medical equipment, as well as procuring two emergency ambulances. In addition to this, Gazpromneft-Badra has also provided computers to city schools, as well as building three new school buildings in Badra, Zurbatiyah and Jassan.

The Badra field, Iraq

Pre-commissioning activities are currently ongoing at the Badra gas treatment facility. The facility, with a production capacity of 1.6 billion cubic meters, is designed for the compression, treatment and dehydration of associated petroleum gas (APG). Once all gas infrastructure has been commissioned utilisation of APG at the Badra field is expected to reach 99 percent. The gas treatment facility will supply the Al-Zubaida power plant, 100 kilometres south — east of Baghdad, as well as the station’s own 123.5 MW-capacity gas-turbine power plant (GTPP).

Denis Sugaipov, CEO, Gazpromneft-Razvitiye LLC, commented: “Development of the Badra field is being undertaken in the context of increasing economic collaboration between Russia and the Republic of Iraq, and holds a special place in Gazprom Neft’s asset portfolio. Badra was the first of the company’s international projects to be undertaken exclusively by Gazprom Neft. ’On the basis of 2016 results, oil production at the Badra field will almost reach three million tonnes — also a record-breaking performance for one of the company’s international subsidiaries.”