Gazprom Neft conference puts forward cutting-edge technological solutions in import substitution

“Import Substitution in the Oil and Gas Industry 2019”, a technology conference supported by Gazprom Neft and attended by representatives from government agencies, major upstream and service companies, and some of the country’s most important scientific and manufacturing organisations, recently took place in St Petersburg.

«The Import Substitution in the Oil and Gas Industry – 2019» conference

Forum attendees discussed the industry’s transition to Russian technologies, as well as assessing challenges to the country’s technological sovereignty, the effectiveness of government support for domestic producers, and the issues around engaging Russian developers and transferring cutting-edge technologies in the import-substitution process.

Gazprom Neft representatives and conference participants commented on the company’s extensive work in import substitution — Gazprom Neft’s Technology Partnerships and Import-Substitution Department having been in operation since 2015, with one of its most important objectives being the ongoing monitoring of Russia’s market in goods and materials to replace imported alternatives with domestically produced products. The company has undertaken more than 120 pilot tests on cutting-edge Russian equipment, and has developed about 50 unique products to replace foreign alternatives — with further 170 currently under development. In addition to which, Gazprom Neft has also supported applications from developers and development companies for external financing, totalling more than RUB6 billion, including subsidies from the Industrial Development Fund.

Sergei Arkhipov, Head of Gazprom Neft’s Technology Partnerships and Import-Substitution Department, commented:"The Import Substitution in the Oil and Gas Industry — 2019″ conference is a powerful platform for developing a national supply base for Russia’s oil and gas industry, demand for which has again been confirmed by the number — and nature — of participants from throughout the entire country. Success in import substitution is difficult, but completely doable. Opening up discussion encompassing representatives from government, industry and research has made it possible to determine the key problems and identify the next steps in strengthening Russia’s technological sovereignty."
Sergei Arkhipov
Sergei Arkhipov Head of Gazprom Neft’s Technology Partnerships and Import-Substitution Department