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Gazprom Neft developing digital technologies in fuel deliveries

Gazprom Neft has introduced a range of digital solutions to ensure safety and quality in transporting motor fuels by road.

More than 600 vehicles, from the company’s own fleet and that of its partners, undertake 1,100 journeys a day. Up to 20 metrics are transmitted to each tanker, through a centralised server, in real time: current location, engine rpm, fuel levels, speed, driving style, and drivers’ compliance with working hours regulations. This online monitoring system includes 2,500 authorised geo-zones, including oil depots, filling stations, and approved tanker parking spaces, with controllers instantly notified of any unplanned stops or route deviations.

In order to monitor fuel safety en route, tankers are fitted with electronic custom seals, which send an alarm in the event of any unauthorised opening of compartments containing oil products. The system monitors approximately 1,450 such electronic seals, round-the-clock, with the information obtained stored for one year.

Each tanker is fitted with four video cameras, recording the transport situation while in transit, as well as the driver’s actions and activities, in the cab. These cameras record approximately 22,000 hours of video footage across the entire fleet, every day, with this information stored for up to 30 days. The company is now working on introducing technology to allow AI-analysis of this video footage, assessing drivers’ behaviour behind the wheel.

The effectiveness of digital oversight in fuel-transportation has been tested under the extreme conditions of the Silk Way Rally, with company tankers refuelling race participants’ cars along the entire route, and the integrity of the factory-quality of the fuel being confirmed by specialists in a mobile laboratory after 3,000 kilometres.